Friday, November 13, 2015

Package Forwarding Service of USGoBuy

What’s the Package Forwarding Service of USGoBuy

Many people would like shopping from USA with free shipping address.

USGo_Buy offers you with links which help you to get details on various brands in America. There are four simple steps that the company follows. First of all they ask you to register with the company. Then the company purchases items of your demand. Then they surrender your freight form. After the whole procedure delivers your product at your doors. You can log in to their official website to get more information about the company. If you are having any queries you can solve it by chatting with them or by mailing them on their mail address.

Usgo_buy sends items to its customers in a unique way. It purchases items on behalf of their clients and gets an USA address for them. After the items is being sent to the company’s website the item is dispatched only when the client pays a minimal fee. After the amount is paid USGoBuy dispatches your product and your item reaches your true address in no time.

You can now purchase your hot favorite clothing’s or fashion jewelry from America with the help of Usgo_buy. Many branded companies of the country does not open their stores in many parts of the world or even if they have opened you won’t be getting the exclusive designer things that you may want to buy only if you are a fashion freak. USGo_Buy fulfills all your demand of having an exclusively decorated fashion jewelry or dress that you may need to gift any one or you are fond of exclusive and branded designs. The official website of the company lets you learn about the most famous brands in America. USGoBuy is a Package Forwarding from USA which delivers goods to its customers in a different way.

Step 1

You can just copy any item you’re buying from an USA online store
Copy the Link of the Item You Are Buying

Step 2
Paste the Link on USGoBuy Homepage

Latest News

USGoBuy starts the cooperation with iCEO Dog, a dog product business in USA. Visit its site iCEO_Dogcollars ==>


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Buy College Books Online from USA with Free US Shipping Address?

Good books form the mind of every college student and make him more liable mature citizens. And you buy these books through 2 ways. One is visiting wholesale book shops, glancing via various textbooks and purchasing the one that suits your syllabus as well as your understanding. Other surf the same textbooks through internet and ordering it online with the help of usgo_buy with free US shipping address

Ordering college textbooks online through has its own pros and cons. You can log in to several book selling sites, search for definite as well as several textbooks that you are looking for. Fill up the important forms for finalizing the purchase or placing the order and click USGo.Buy buy.

Pros of ordering online books: it saves use a lot of time. Time taken to visit and down to the book shop is drastically reduced. Shopping is made quicker. You can just search for the specific book and online order fast For this one book you don’t need to run all the way to the book shop thus it saves your power as well. Besides internet sites provides all the detail such as authors accessible all across the globe for a specific book. What editions are accessible for the same specific book in the market at present. Internet sites also provide best discount rates on these books and thus it provides you book in decent packages or dealings which are very beneficial for you in several ways. In general internet book sites have made the life of a college student very easy.

Quality of the book is extremely vital. See to that none of the pages are repeated, none of the pages are missing when you obtain the book. Thus before purchasing online textbook it is necessary to see the sites return/fund policies.

Latest News

USGoBuy starts the cooperation with iCEO Dog, a dog product business in USA. Visit its site iCEO_Dogcollars ==>


Friday, November 6, 2015

ThanksGiving Day Treat from SHEINSIDE

It's that time of the year again! Are you excited? ThanksGiving Day is coming! i can't wait to purchase items that I will wear for the Christmas season. This newest promotion of SHEINSIDE is just in time for new outfits to be worn on our family vacation next month as we celebrate this season at the City of Pines - Baguio. My orders will just timely to arrive weeks before we head to Baguio, I'm pretty sure of that.

Pre-Thanksgiving Sale for you!
Get winter must-haves to thank yourself!

Take 33% OFF Over US$59 Code:thank33
Take 35% OFF Over US$159 Code:thank35

Ends: November/10 here: Thanksgiving Day is coming!


Autumn Party Dress from Sherry London

Hello lovelies! My post today is somewhat related to the incoming autumn season at the other side of globe. Here in my tropical country, I can always wear this kind of dresses all time of the year. I am amazed of the selections I found at Sherry London and believe me, you'll gonna have a hard time choosing because all dresses are just beautiful. Even though I love all the selections, there are few that really made it to my top favorites.

As I have mentioned from my other posts, when purchasing occasion/ party dresses, you have to know your body shape first. I have a Banana-shaped body, flat-chested and narrow hips. Knowing that, I always find a halter top or a top that will hide my flat chest. I always choose a top with full of embellishments to let people's eyes focus on the embellished appliqu├ęs and beads design. With that, my confidence would be at its highest.

I see the elegance and class in each detail. Everybody deserves a well-worth purchase. I'm so glad to know there are online shops that offer dresses like these designs and styles. It's like they knew already what I need. Interesting eh? Check out more selections here >> Autumn Party Dress


Monday, November 2, 2015

Get $20 for Buying Air Zoom Pegasus 32 iD from Official Nike and 80% Off Shipping Rate from USGoBuy

If you've been following me on my Instagram account, I just recently posted my newest purchase pair - NIKE Thea Liberty. I am so in love with the pair! Actually, I could have own a pair of that particular limited edition Liberty three months ago but I didn't have the perfect size. I've gone searching for it to some outlet stores but no luck until just a week ago, I found one with my size. Imagine the glee when I bought it. In relation to this, there's a new edition from Nike called Back In Bloom. I know I must have a pair or two of this! Just look at the blooming flowers printed all around it. Isn't it lovely?

As much as I wanted to own one, this Back in Bloom hasn't come to my country yet and sadly, I do not know if they will release this edition here. But I'm so thankful, US_GoBuy, will make this possible. First of all, you can get $20 by this, click here.

1. Open the official page of this item of

2. Choose the featured design or customize

3. Copy the link after you decide

4. Paste it in the ShopForMe bar of USGo_Buy

4. It will land on this page >>

Fill out basic info like size and color.

You can also use US_GoBuy to buy any brand product you want from USA.



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