Monday, August 3, 2015

Cheap Prom Dresses from Ericdress

Hello lovelies! I have a wedding to attend by next year and I'm really excited for it. That's why as early as now, I browse dresses whenever I have the time to get ideas and mark those dresses that is worth buying. I usually check out here >> that particular wedding occasion, I prefer to wear long dresses like the cheap prom dress here >> are lots of beautiful dresses to choose from, so must get a worthy one that won't definitely hurt your pocket, right? And I am also thinking that these kind of dresses are intended to be worn by occasion only and I cannot wear this during casual days, so I must think and search for best that will not cost a fortune. Agree?

If you want affordable cocktail dress, just check out the selections here >>, and I'm sure you'll catch some to consider buying if not now but in the future. If the occasion requires a semi-formal theme, I'd love to buy one of these cheap homecoming dresses from here >>


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Sunday, August 2, 2015

#OOTD: Orange You Glad?

Hello lovelies! The weather has been cooperative lately and that means that I was able to take outfit photos. I took advantage of the clear skies and sunny weather today, hence, I came up now with a new outfit post featuring this orange sleeveless high low dress from WALKTRENDY. Yay! You gotta check out this store because they have so many amazing pieces that you cannot find in other online stores. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

#OOTD: Casual Off-Duty Look

Hello lovelies! When work really gets in the way, I tend to forget other things and that includes a long hiatus of posting outfit posts. I'm so thankful this week has been lighter when it comes to work load. I was checking on the drafts and found out that I never posted this look that my man took some months ago in Paseo De Santa Rosa, Laguna. Here's just one of my off-duty looks pulling this white and blue denim. Hope you like it, lovelies!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

#OOTD: I See White and Blue

Today's gloomy weather makes me miss the beach even more. I realized also that I haven't posted another Boracay entry after the last one. This means that I've been very busy with work. Whenever I try to spare a time to create an entry post, work always get in the way. Have you experienced that? But it doesn't mean I am neglecting my blog now. My blog is just one of my ways to de-stress. How about you? Though summer is over now in my country, but here's another beach outfit for my readers across the globe. Enjoy the summer, lovelies!

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