Friday, April 28, 2017


Hello, lovelies! Now that summer is officially on, it's the time of the year to wear light and breezy clothes especially chiffon floral dresses. Even though summer is my most favorite time of the year, I hate it sometimes when it melts my make-up in an hour. Haha! Anyway, who wouldn't love summer?  I want nothing but to feel fresh and look fresh all day but it is so hard to stay that way because the heat is unforgiving but choosing the appropriate outfit would surely help. Agree? Below are just my picks that is wearable at daytime depends on the occasion of the day.

The first photo is just right as a casual outfit for a date, an errand kind of day and a day to work when the day requires free style. What do you think? I also the second photo because it is perfect for a semi-formal occassion; it's a floor length dress anyway. While the third photo is obviously perfect for any kind of day and also appropriate work outfit! Agree? What do you think of my top picks?


Inflatable Air Track, Bubble Soccer Suits & Bouncers

Hello, lovelies! Summer time is officially on. The heat is unforgiving. It makes me want to jump in the pool all the time. I haven't gone out to the beach or even in the pool yet because I am still finalizing the itinerary for our family getaway. We are looking to go to Boracay Island but haven't decided if we will travel by air or by sea. It will be loads of fun! We are planning to buy floaters to fully enjoy the water especially the kids and for us adults to have a nice lines of tan while softly paddling using our hands or play bumping in the water. I was just looking for floaters but I stumbled upon these bubble soccer suits and oh my, my interest for floaters just gone out of the window and gets really interested on these ones. How cool are these eh? It will surely bring a loads of fun, right? Imagine yourself bumping to someone in a most thrilling way of bouncing back. It's just Wow! 

I learned that there are so many kinds of inflatables. They also have inflatable air track which mostly used as equipment for school and gym for the air track tumbling. These equipment are used to support the fall of the gymnastics and athletes and often used in gym, too. Nobody wants to get injured, of course. I was amazed knowing that these can be purchase as easy as one click away online. 

Isn't it amazing? Summer is even more fun nowadays because the resorts have these appropriate commercial grade inflatable bouncers to enjoy to. Just like the photo below, upon seeing this, the kid at heart on me kicked in a snap. I would really love to play and chase my little nephew and nieces inside of it. If I have a wide backyard with a pool, I will definitely buy one of these and I'm gonna throw a party everyday. Haha! It promises a fun experience, isn't it? Wouldn't you like to experience that everyday? 

Now, that's makes me think to finish doing my itinerary. These inflatables just fired up my excitement to play in the water soon. Have you been to resorts with these kind of inflatables? 


Sunday, April 23, 2017

ZAFUL REVIEW: Refreshing & Cool Outfit

A bright and refreshing Sunday to all of you, lovelies! Yes, my greetings seems fit for today's blog post because of these items ZAFUL sent over last week. Ahh... It is refreshing to the eyes, cool and my senses seemed awoken. What do you think? Or is it just me? Hahaha! Anyway, I wore this outfit one afternoon when my husband and I went out malling. Of course, I have to document it, so here it is. I hope you like it, lovelies!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

ZAFUL REVIEW: Floral, Pastels and Pleats for Spring/ Summer

Hello, lovelies! It's the weekend and I'm just at home doing the laundry while creating this blog post. The weather here in Philippines especially here in the metropolis is unforgiving; it's so hot! Summer is really here. Though it makes our make-up melt immediately and it makes me sweat extra generous; it is still my favorite season every year. Just like today's outfit post, I sported a pastel top and a floral skirt from ZAFUL for a refreshing look to a client appointment last week. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Festival Wardrobe Sale

Festival Wardrobe Sale

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