Friday, March 27, 2015

Right Evening Dresses for Flat-Chested Women

I have mentioned from my previous posts the list of insecurities I have in myself. One on the list is being flat-chested. I am not blessed in the chest department but I do not let this insecurity eat me up and feel bad about myself. I believe that every problem has its own solution. Agree? If you're a flat-chested like me, you may want to read this article down to the end because believe me when I say, you'll gonna thank me afterwards, lovelies! Of course, some of you are blessed on that department and would think that they aren't getting any from this but how about the idea of sharing what you have read in this post to your sisters and friends? A little help through sharing of ideas wouldn't hurt, right?

There are many cheap evening dresses that you can find online and here's one of the dresses that I will set as example. This royal blue evening dress has its effortless charm. With its color alone, you will stand-out. Agree? But the color is not the only reason to love about this piece but its design. It looks like it is intentionally made for me; for flat-chested ones. I really love the neckline because its crochet-like design beautifully fell down to the chest with so much elegance and style. I love the idea of keeping any cleavage out of sight. Well, I don't have cleavage to show, so it's better to keep it hidden that way.

I know there are lots of beautiful dresses that we wanted to wear but considering your flaws is just one of the reasons why we hold up of purchasing one. Like for example in my case, I always wanted to wear tubes and strapless dresses but when I look downward and glimpse on my flat chest, the hard decision takes place. But you know, do not fret anymore because we can still wear strapless dresses! The red dress I found from cheap evening dresses is just a sample of wide selection. Here's a tip: If you really want to wear strapless dress, be sure to get one that has generous embellishments and appliques like Swarovski, crystals, sequins. Any adornments that will draw attention to it and not to your flat-chest. 

I hope you've got some ideas, lovelies! And before I end this post, I can't help not to share this long black evening dress from It takes my breath away, really. If there's a little black dress, there's this long black dress and this one is exceptional, I may add. I find it mysterious and sexy. Do you love it?


Memorable Sale Up To 70% OFF from SHEINSIDE

Hello lovelies! It is officially summer here in my country. How about yours? Where are you guys heading on the next few weeks? Well, I am looking forward for a family beach getaway late of April of first week of May. Since I am welcoming the summer season, it is time to bid goodbye to winter. Guess what? SHEINSIDE is happy to leave winter season by a memorable sale of up to 70% OFF! Whoaah! Sounds good, eh? Why don't you check out for yourself what is in store for us?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How I Choose Prom Dresses

The season for festivities is just around the corner. The celebrations will happen anytime soon after the Holy Week. I am quite excited about this because this is the time to meet and get reunited with my relatives from the provinces. Since vacation is already started, the festivities like coronation nights are happening. Like a traditional event that my family always attending where it requires long gowns & formal attires. It's an event that I always looking forward to because I get to meet old friends and relatives which I haven't seen for years. It is nice to meet them with confidence to a place where everyone is dressed at their best. Agree? I can always count on sexy prom of weddingshe and believe me when I say that you can't close the window without satisfying your eyes with their beautiful Prom Dresses 2015.

I really love adornments in a dress. It gives an instant classy vibe. It also won't require you to put so many accessories because the embellishments alone will carry the elegance of the outfit. Agree? So, it will save you from wearing necklace or bangles/ bracelets which sometimes are the culprit of your out-of-finesse moments. You cannot tell when the tangles attack like your bracelet tangled on your dress fabric. You wouldn't want this thing to happened, do you? Out of these 3 images above, the second one stands out for me. Well, I really love its pastel color. Do I need to mention the top part of the dress? It is obviously have generous sequin appliques. Lastly, the wrap waist design has something to do why I got sold. Look at that, lovelies; it creates an illusion of tiny waist line! Need I say more? Weddingshe never fail me. I can always count on them from time to time. Check them out >>


Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Amazing Offer from SHEINSIDE

Look at the bright side, lovelies! SHEINSIDE is having a BUY 1, GET 1 at 50% OFF! Whoah! A really bright side indeed. What do you think? I already have items ready for check out and can you guess what are those that will make me hit the check-out button anytime from now? This will end on 26th March, so what are you waiting for? 

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#OOTD: Denim, Leopard & Pleats

I am thinking of a major change in my blog. I am thinking of changing my blog name, design lay-out, blog brand and most of all, I will change my blog address and have my own domain name. I know I will get there and that big leap will come sooner than I think. I have thought of a blog brand with more specific description based on the outfits I've shared the most. If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you probably have some idea of what it is. Anyway, let me share my another take on denim shirts. I pulled off another look wearing this denim shirt and belt that I got from Dresslink. It is very obvious how much I fond of wearing this combo. I love the idea of looking sexy and chic and then, toning down the look with denim shirt and slip-ons, sans a result of effortless casual chic look. Do you like it?

 Sheinside - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe

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