Thursday, July 5, 2018

ZAFUL Wishlist: Get Into Sports

Hello, lovelies! Have I mentioned that I got back to exercising? Honestly, my body aches a little. But I do believe in the saying that if there's no pain, there's no gain. And that is proven and tested already. So, what brings me to exercise again? Well, I have to get rid of my pooch. I noticed that my belly is getting bigger and gaining weight is noticeable already. I have to sweat these fats out! I'm so lazy to exercise but the motivation is to have a healthy body, so I keep going on. And if having gorgeous work-out outfit is one of the motivations for me to proceed what I started, then I would surely shop anytime. The good thing is zaful sports is here to offer coupon codes and there so many for sale items.

I find this crop top hoodie and shorts sweat suit very appealing. I'm not really a fan of red but this one is an exception. Who wouldn't love this sweat suit, anyway? I can imagine myself on the treadmill wearing this suit or while running in the neighborhood.


I love matching top and bottom. That's why when I saw this criss-cross marble sports bra and this marble cut out sports leggings, I immediately put a heart on it. I'm just so in love with marble prints! 



That strappy double layered sports bra in pink color looks very good. I love the idea of double layered. Aside from sweat absorption, the support is much better than the usual, right? I chose the leaf printed leggings to pair with it for more fun. And last but not least, I have no reason not to fall in love at first sight with this sweat suit. It looks so dainty and looks very neat. I love the idea of looking tough yet sweet. What do you think?


ROSEGAL Wishlist: Seize The Summer

Hello, lovelies! I wish summer can stay a little longer. I just can't have enough of the sun. Though this season is sometimes unforgiving, I just love this season. It's the season to wear breezy, comfortable outfits. And I think it's the perfect time to show skin. What do you think? That's why I am making sure I have worn gorgeous pieces and I have stocks of summer outfits before this season is over. I'm happy to share with you that one of my favorite online store, ROSEGAL, will have it anniversary. Happy ROSEGAL 5th Anniversary and it just simply means that there is a lot in store for us. Sounds exciting, yeah? They have a shopping guide, all at amazing prices for your favorite items and watch out to win $500 coupons, flash sales and huge discounts starting on July 09!

I will be a forever fan of denim shorts. It's a piece of outfit that I won't get tired of collecting. I can't count my denim shorts anymore but every time I saw one that is really appealing like these blue embroidery frayed hem denim shorts and the black cut-off side lace-up shorts, I always make sure I have own one of them. Embroidery and laces in denim shorts aren't something that is common. I find it uniquely designed.

Same as my love affair with denim, striped design is a thing to me. I easily got attracted with stripes specifically with black and white stripes. It is basic and neutral colors, hence, it is easy to pair with anything. Agree? Just pair it with a plain color like green, red, yellow, etc. It can be your shoes or bag.

I really love the color combination of this high leg one shoulder two tone bikini in red wine & white color. I find it very neat yet sexy color. The ties added beauty to it. That's why I chose to pair this floral high low collarless cover-up. Since my swimsuit is in a plain color, this cover-up will look good. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Summer Wishlist at ZAFUL

Now that summer is at its peak, I'm still on the hunt of summer outfits. And there's nothing better than shopping at Zaful during their Zaful 4th Anniversary. Haven't you heard of the anniversary sale offers? You can save tons and shop for your summer outfits than your usual. Sounds exciting, yes! Like today, June 12-13, you can get $7 Off for orders worth $59 on Tops! 


This Smocked Tie Front Cami Dress - Valentine Red captured my heart in a snap. I mean, who wouldn't? The color alone is so lovely and the design looks gorgeous. This dress promises an instant stunning look without you trying. What do you think?


I will always love bandeau tops! This Pleated Gingham Bow Bandeau Top - Multi is a perfect top this summer. I find this top versatile. Throw on some blazer and pair it with wide leg palazzo and you're ready to talk business. Agree?


I've always wanted to have a yellow mini crossbody bag. Can you believe this will be my first to own one? And yes, this Minimalist Chic Flapped Crossbody Bag - Yellow was successfully added into my shopping cart and successfully made it to check-out. And yes, it comes with two straps!


This Satin Button Tie Up Crop Cami Top - Red Wine and this High Waisted Denim Cutoff Shorts - Black is a perfect match. Agree? I love the satin top's tie knot closure. It's perfect for the high-waisted shorts. I actually own a red one of this exact shorts. The fit was great and so I'm getting the black now.

To save tons, use these codes:

Use code "ZFSally " All orders use the code, over $100 save $12 ( 1 time limited )
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Please note: Each customer could only use each coupon for one time.

If you have other concerns, kindly take time to watch this video for more info.

Zaful Unconditional Refund with Quality, Non-received, Size Issue within 24 Hours:


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Breeze

You know what I like most about the summertime? It is about wearing these cute dresses and rompers with its stunning colors. It is a time when you can feel young at heart again by wearing these floral print outfit. Then, you throw on some straw hat, a pair of sandal and a straw native bag - I'm sure your summer this year is yet another one to treasure. Now, let's feel this summer breeze. SHEIN Summer Breeze sale is having a discount up to 85% Off. Come on, let's go shopping!

Get $10 off orders $90+ CODE:KTH10
Get $25 off orders $140+ CODE:KTH25
Get $35 off orders $210+ CODE:KTH35

Summer outfit isn't about floral and fruit print, right? It's about the style and design of the clothes that deems fit to the summer season. Just like this Letter Print Knot Hem Top & Ruffle Hem Belted Shorts, it's a perfect set. Agree? I'm a fan of neutral colors, that's why I find these two caught my attention. I'd love to wear this!

If I'm not wearing rompers or shorts, you'll mostly find me wearing dresses and coordinates. I am a fan of coordinates, especially with long skirts. This Bell Sleeve Knot Top & Button Up Skirt Set is attractive and it's one of my favorite colors - green. The top with its tie knot is so carefree to look at and the high-waisted skirt is perfect. The Flower And Stripe Print Curved Hem Shirt Dress looks great, especially that it is made of a light material. That side slits and tie waist added a carefree look.


I am very conscious of my body. I am not used to wearing a two-piece bikini because I'm not beach body. But to wear a swimsuit confidently, you must find a swimsuit that will look flattering on you. I am flat-chested, so I chose this Striped Flounce Swimsuit. The flouncing ruffle creates a bulge on the bust area, thus, it gives the illusion of bigger breast. Then, my belly is not toned. So, imagine a pooch. That can be concealed, though, by choosing the right design of swimsuit. This Bow Tie Cutout Swimsuit will help flatten your belly. The tie knot design will also hide the bulge.

Don't forget the Summer Breeze Sale Up To 85% OFF!

Get $10 off orders $90+ CODE:KTH10
Get $25 off orders $140+ CODE:KTH25
Get $35 off orders $210+ CODE:KTH35


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Backdrop & Flatlay

My blog started as beauty blog where I used to review beauty products mainly make-ups. Then, I switched to a fashion blog. I realized that I have more passion for doing reviews about fashion and sharing my style. Way back in 2013, all of my style post are taken outdoors. I always see to it that I have style posts to share on my blog about two to three styles every week. My husband bought a camera exclusively for my portrait shots and outfit shoot. He's been the person behind the lens up to today but recently I would ask my nephew for a shoot because his camera is latest than ours. The thing about shooting outdoor is that I don't have the luxury of time to do it. Now, I've been so busy with work and that means that outfit shoots would take the back seat. But since we live in an apartment building and we don't have a courtyard, I thought of finding a nice shopbackdrop that I can use in the comfort of my home. 

I love bricks. Out of all kinds of wall backdrop, I will always choose bricks. That warm color automatically brings an appeal to my eyes and it's a great contrast to almost everything. 

I love doing flatlays. It's my way of presenting the products that I've received from the brands or the items that I'd love to share sponsored or not sponsored. By doing flatlays, I can be creative anytime I want. It fuels my imagination that ends up with creative ideas after. You know, sometimes it is tiring to lay the items on the same spot (I usually doing my flatlay in the bed). I want to explore with something organic in the backdrop and I think woods will always be the key. I love the wear and rough appearance of the wood as shown in the fourth photo and a smooth wood surface will always be good for a more polished backdrop. It really depends on what items I'll be laying.


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