Monday, December 15, 2014

#OOTD: Sleek Casual Outfit

Hello lovelies! If you are following me on Instagram, you probably know now that I have won a H&M gift card worth Php2,500 (approximately $58 US) last Friday. I know it wasn't a big prize but hey, I didn't expect it. The fact that I never had an idea that H&M Philippines will be selecting 20 fashionistas who came and was in line at their best outfit during the opening at SM North Edsa; the feeling was overwhelming. Honestly, I rarely won in contests and I can count a few wins from different fields ever since. To come unprepared and selected as one brought a huge joy and I can't take out the smile plastered in my face even the next day I woke up. Anyway, I know you want to see the look I pulled that day, so yeah; this post is all about it. Well, originally, we supposed to do a photo shoot in the graffiti walls of Sky Dome after the store opening so I brought this houndstooth print slim blazer from OASAP. But since we arrived as early as 9:00 a.m. (the sun's out, too!) and we will fall in line for about 2 hours at the The Block building entrance, I decided to leave the blazer, my stiletto sandals and aviator sunglasses in the car. By the way, we didn't push through the plan because we shopped for almost 3.5 hours. We got so hungry and dead tired; we directly drove home after eating late lunch. Anyway, hope you like this sleek-casual look.

I do not have many blazers. Well, I used to before when I was still working 8-5 a.m. in a very cold office but ever since I became freelancer, I didn't invest much on blazers anymore. I already disposed my old blazers that I used to wear. In fact, I only have two blazers now including this houndstooth print slim blazer and one PU leather jacket. I know your eye brows are raising now but that's the truth. When I saw this blazer in the new arrivals of Oasap, I didn't hesitate to put it directly in my shopping cart and click check-out. I know I must have it. The first thing I love about this blazer is the slim-cut. I hate baggy blazers or over sized. Though it is slim-cut, the length was not compromised. I love that its length is enough to cover my behind because I am also thinking to style this with a shorts. The second thing I love is its black & white houndstooth print.

This quilted shoulder bag was perfect to complete the sleek casual look. I remember I ordered an off-white color of this but it was out-of-stock. I replaced it with black color instead. I just realized that it's a good thing I got black because it suits this particular outfit and also for my future outfits. It is a structured bag that's why even the size is small; it is enough to keep my phone and some beauty essentials like a small face powder, lipgloss/ lipstick, gum.

So, this was my outfit (sans the blazer, sunglasses & stiletto heels because I wore a black flat shoes) when I was selected as one of the 20 fashionistas during the opening of H&M at the SM North Edsa. 

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I was wearing:
OASAP houndstooth print slim blazer (link here) & quilted shoulder bag (link here) & silver thin belt (inclusion from the dress here)
SHEINSIDE black button fly suit pants (link here)
FASHION71 black stiletto sandals & pearl cut necklace
Random find black sleeveless tank
CNDirect silver aviator sunglasses
ZALORA PH Casio digital watch


Saturday, December 13, 2014

What Bridesmaid Dresses do you prefer?

In a wedding, aside from the most beautiful woman on that day who is the bride; it never fails me to get "wow-ed" by the beautiful bridesmaids. I mean, it really is quite a delight to see a group of ladies with the same color of gowns. Now, I want to let you know that if ever I will have the chance to get wed again with the same (my husband), I will see to it that my bridesmaids aside from wearing the same color, they should also have the same style and design of dresses. I love uniformity and I'll make it possible to make them not an eye sore in my big day. If you have been preparing for months for that wedding, you do not have anything else to ask but looking forward for the beautiful outcome. Agree?

To reiterate more about what I prefer for my bridesmaids, I like it simple. Less frills, less complications. It must be floor length since I will require for formal attires for my guests. Here are some photos I took from

Clearly these are the bridesmaid dresses that will speak exactly of what I like. If I say no frills, I mean it literally. Do you notice? These dresses are pleasing to my eyes. It is not an eye sore as I have mentioned. I just want a bouquet of flowers as their sweet accessory and oh, let's forget the small wrist purse, right? They should have the same design and style. Maybe you are finding me weird now but let me explain myself here briefly. Sometimes I dreamt myself as a queen. If on my wedding day this is likely possible, I will make my dream come true. Think of my bridesmaids as beautiful servants to a bride whom clearly acting like a queen. Aren't queen's servants wearing same style of dresses? That is what we call in these days a uniform. From the last time I saw an epic historical drama movie, they all are. 



Hello lovelies! Time flies so fast. At exactly 16 days from now, we are welcoming 2015! Aside from usual Christmas rush, the year end inventory sale are popping from everywhere. This is the right time to shop for your favorites as most of the online stores like SHEINSIDE is having a Year End Back Sale where you can grab your favorites up to 80% OFF! Sounds exciting eh?

Try our best to amaze your year-ending!
Up to 80% 0ff!
Date:Dec/10-Dec/17 here: YEAR-END BACK SALE

Grey High Neck Cable Knit Loose Sweater (link here)
Blue V Neck Long Sleeve Mohair Loose Sweater (link here)

Black Long Sleeve Striped Loose T-Shirt (link here)
Black Long Sleeve Zipper Crop PU Leather Jacket (link here)

Blue Stand Collar Long Sleeve Graffiti Print Jacket (link here)
Black Stand Collar Long Sleeve Buttons Jacket (link here)

Black Spaghetti Strap Rose Print Long Dress (link here)
Black White Sleeveless Polka Dot Striped Dress (link here)


Friday, December 12, 2014

#OOTD: I'm Taking Advantage featuring SHOESPIE

Hello lovelies! Though we all know that Philippines is a tropical country, it isn't a crime to wear long sleeves and sweaters especially when December comes. The weather changes and we experience cold and even chill nights believe me. This kind of weather last until February or sometimes later in March. That's why, I am quite excited to wear pull-overs, sweaters, jackets and boots. I have to take advantage of the season to wear these kind of clothes without looking annoying in the eyes of others. Anyway, I do not have a proper boots to wear now but this Sweet Leopard Print Canvas Shoes that Shoespie (link here) sent me will do. Also this pair is perfect for my almost all-black outfit. Aside from the statement shirt I'm wearing, I know these sneakers popped out. What do you think?

Check this canvas leopard print shoes here >>
Do you know that I'm a sucker of anything with leopard print? I have so many items with this animal print. For the shoes, this is my second pair of sneakers that is leopard printed. This pair is made of canvas so I feel comfortable wearing it.

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I was wearing:
SHOESPIE leopard print sneakers (link here)
Wholesale7 statement shirt (here or here)
Choies denim shirt (link here or here)
CNDirect aviator sunglasses (here)


Thursday, December 11, 2014

I go for Simple Yet Classic Wedding Dresses

Hello lovelies! Have you seen the photos of JC & Bianca's nuptial in Palawan? Sigh. Raise your hand if you agree that simplicity is really a beauty. I love the idea of a wedding with no frills. Period. The bride chose a bridal gown from the rack. Yes, you read it right. Of course, there's minor alterations to make the dress fit her like a globe. I know celebrities are very busy with their schedules and I totally understand if the bride chose RTW (ready-to-wear) wedding gown. Honestly, I love Bianca's wedding gown - simple yet classic. I found some similar wedding dresses when I searched for 2015 Wedding Dresses. Go here >> 

What do you think of the above gowns? Though it is not most exact design as Bianca's but I think it is very similar, right? Beads, sequins and pearls are magic. It makes a gown stand-out no matter what the design or style is. Also the mesh design gives an instant sultry look. The adornments created a lace-effect. Agree?

I know that some who get wed answers the costs of all the bridesmaid expenses and some who take their sisters or friends pay their own. Some would freely chose what design and style they wanted as long as they follow the color motif. I would understand if some will choose Designer Bridesmaid Dresses. Of course, it's big day for your friend or sister, you wouldn't like to look at your worst, will you? They can always check out designer clothes for bridesmaid anytime with just one click just like these photos below.

As soon as my eyes landed on these photos, I know what my bridesmaids would wear if ever I will have the chance to get wed again with the same (my husband). I love these gown's uniformity in style and design. The colors speaks subtlety. Don't you love it? For me, it is less eye sore. Agree?


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