Monday, April 26, 2010

Haul: Another Sort of Hoarding

Hey guys! Last Thursday, I and hubs went hoarding.

When we went to Market!Market! Fort Bonifacio, I dropped in their beauty section in the ground floor department store just to see what's new. But you know what I've discovered? L.A. Colors is now available locally! Yes, you've read it right. You can now buy L.A. Colors in the ground floor department store of Market!Market! Yipee!!

But am not into their make-ups, a-ah. I've drooled into L.A. Colors Art Deco and nail polishes. I can't believe. My eyes were like the eyes of the tarsier I think when I was picking the Art Decos and polishes that I wanted. Ohhh, I want them all, all the colors! I wish I can have them all that time.

Well, maybe you're wondering what made me so "O.A." (over acting) was that these products were clicks away from the website of Yes darling, you can buy these products through online shopping straight from the U.S. So, there, now I hope you understand what I am drooling about these product most especially the nail polishes. Awww! I love you L.A.Colors!

I have tried ordering make-ups from U.S. but the custom duties and taxes sucks! I usually choose shipping method through FedEx Int'l. Economy (with tracking) because my items reached to me right at my doorstep, intact, sealed and my items are SAFE from the "crocodiles". I never tried post office as I've read tons of negative comments when you claim your items from them. Oookay, so much for that.

Well, I stopped ordering make-ups from U.S. because I think I've had enough already. Yeah, its true and fun... clicking the "Add to Cart" button and the "Checkout" button 'coz the items are cheap but the shipping cost is expensive, I swear... plus the custom duties and local taxes...ugh! So, it’s just like you shop the items 30-40% cheaper than buying it from a local reseller.

Okay, so back to the things I am drooling about. Here it is, presenting....

the L.A. Colors nail polishes

the L.A. Colors Art Deco (with thin brushes)

Plus, I couldn't resist not buying these nail polishes from Elianto. Oh, I really love glittery colors.

Elianto nail polish

I love the colors, so so so much! I can't wait to use it. So, I thought I'm already done with my L.A. Colors hoarding but I was not. When hubs went to NIKE store, my eyes almost pop-out when I saw these super cutie sun visors. A-ah, not just a cutie visor but I can use this as nice accessory as well. I call these as my Fashion Sun Visors. Why? Look at these photos below.

I love this because it has a soft-foamed-like peak. The sweat band is quite wider and the closure is garterized. I can also style the sweat band as wide or thin head band as well. So stylish!

This one really looks fab. I love the purple color! The sweat band is same size up to the back, stretchable and can style as head band, too. Plus, it’s super soft. The white and the purple visor are my faves for summer wearing and shopping, etc.

This is my fave of all Fashion Sun Visors I bought from NIKE. The sweat band is cotton twill, the closure is garterized and adjustable, and the peak's circumference?.... wow! Its 10-inches! That's why this is my fave because it protects my whole face and front neck as well from the direct heat of the sun. You're just looking at the evidence now. See? Hehehe. Honestly,this is perfect for tour and sightseeing or any activities that will require you to go under the heat of the sun.

Of course, these wristbands poignets are a steal, too. So cute!

So, that's it for now. I hope I didn't bore you of the tons of pictures posted. Hehe.. I am so excited to use my new nail polishes and do nail art. I will post soon my work of art.



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