Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nail Art Addiction

Since I am still on hype about my newly bought L.A. Colors nail polishes, I went GaGa over doing nail arts up to this moment. Since yesterday, I've been making a lot of nail art designs to my nails.

Warning: Pictures ahead!

I like this color because it’s like a natural color of my nails when applied. I used it as base coat before the French tip. You can make a tiny French tip if you want using the tiny nail brush pen of Art Deco. You can stop here...

... but then I went further so I created a flower.

Here, I used the L.A. Art Deco:
  • first, put 5 dots to make a flower using White Art Deco
  • second, put 1 dot in the center of the flower using Pink Art Deco
  • lastly, apply over the whole flower using Gold glitter Art Deco
Haha... Look at my toes. May naiba ba?

And next, I erased again the nail art and tried other design.

Here, I used Art Deco in Purple. I just make a big dot then, 3 tiny dots to create a little animal foot print.

Oh, kind of messy. I need more practice.

I am so excited with my new nail art tools. This is very different from my Stamping Nail Art by KONAD because using the Art Deco with such tiny brush is really a work of art. Using nail art brushes is really, really fun. I can make any designs that I want. I admit, this is much fun compared to Stamping Nail Art BUT it's NOT EASY to do though. You should get a lot of practice first. That's why, see the nail arts I've done? So so basic. Hehehe

I hope you enjoyed reading about my nail art addiction.



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