Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cleaning your Make-up Brushes

I just finished washing my make-up brushes. It does feel good. Having my brushes cleaned is like I got showered hehehe. Yes, just like a human body, it also needs a wash monthly or 2x a week, depends on how frequent you used them. The brushes can be a magnet of oils, dust and bacteria and it will lead for acne break-outs and formation of black heads. So, be sure to clean it.

I want to share with you a tutorial on how I clean mine.You will need the following:
1.) Warm Water
2.) Bowl
3.) Baby Shampoo (I’m using Johnson&John Baby Shampoo)
4.) Clean Towel

Here's the easy steps:
Step 1.) Fill warm water into the bowl.
Step 2.) Dip each brush and make sure it is saturated in the warm water.
Step 3.) Start with your smallest brush first. Put a small amount of baby shampoo in your palm.

Step 4.) Swirl it in the shampoo until it is soapy. Do it with the rest of your brushes.

Step 5.) Then, swirl each of the soapy brushes in the warm water onto your palm. When the water becomes dirty, just refill water onto your palm. Repeat as necessary until water becomes clear.

Step 6.) Wrap each brush in a clean towel and shake out the excess water.
Step 7.) Lay the brushes in the towel in an open air. Rotate the brushes when another side dries up to keep the bristles from flattening on side.

Step 8.) After drying, keep them in your lovely cosmetic brush case. 
See? It's like a brand-new again. Oh, I love to do FOTD. Hahaha. 

This is my Large Powder Brush. I so so lurve this! I used this for putting on loose powder. I used this on applying my blush also if I want a more natural look result cheek blush.

Till next post beauties!



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