Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nail Art Of The Week: White Calachuchi Nail Art

Well, today, as I've promised, I will post the tutorial of my new nail art of the week (NOTW) - the White Calachuchi inspired.

To start with, you will just need the following:

  • L.A. Colors - Color Craze in Atomic or any regular nail polish with similar color;
  • BOBBIE Regular in Pure White or any regular White nail polish;
  • L.A. Colors Art Deco in Yellow or any regular Yellow nail polish;
  • Caronia - Fast Dry top coat or any top coat of your choice;
  • a toothpick;
  • a CD or any non-absorbing flat surface ; and
  • a needle or aspili.
*Remember beauties, that you can choose a color of your choice in making this nail art.
Okay, so here's the step-by-step in achieving the White Calachuchi-inspired nail art:

Step 1: Apply the L.A. Colors - Color Craze in Atomic onto nails. Apply 2 coats.

Step 2: Put a 2-3 drops of the BOBBIE Regular in Pure White onto the CD. Then, using the toothpick, dip it onto Pure White and dot it onto nails. Make 5 dots.

Step 3: Using the needle or aspili, feather each dots to the center to create a White Calachuchi flower.

Step 4: Using the L.A. Colors Art Deco in Yellow, put 1 dot to each flower you created for a nice flower bud or use the toothpick (refer to Step 2).

Step 5: Of course, you have to protect your work of art! Lastly, apply a top coat. I used Caronia fast-dry top coat. Then, after it dries up, don't forget to clean the edges of the nails for a neat-finished look.

Of course, don't forget your toes!

So, there you go... the White Calachuchi nail art. Isn't it so easy? Making this kind of nail art doesn't require you to buy new tools. Whatever nail polishes you have available as of the moment, you can use it to make this work of art, too!

Go beauties! This is so puurrfect for summer!



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