Monday, July 19, 2010

The Game I Refused To Remember

I went with hubs yesterday to Big Dome and had witnessed the PBA Game 5 between Ginebra GinKings and Alaska Aces. We are a huge fan of Ginebra.

 Taken earlier...

The game went well but the 4th quarter made our hearts: "Thump! Thump!"

And here are the unforgettable seconds last night. Hayyss, I forgot to take photos or a video..

At 00:47:40 seconds, the score was:
Ginebra = 86       Alaska = 90

But all of a sudden, I just heard the Big Dome roared out loud. It was 2 points by Ginebra, hmmm... I can't figure out who did but the 3 points of JH13 (Jayjay Helterbrand) made a very heart thumping moment for everybody inside the big dome. Everybody went crazy. Everybody was roaring like a crazy bull. The Ginebra fans seems uncontrollable from their emotions. Then, a long pause for everybody when the time-out called. 

I've seen the fans crossing their fingers, closed their eyes and prayed. You can see in their faces the hope and excitement of the supposedly winning over the game. Me, too, I feel drowned over the crowd's emotions. I haven't notice that I was jumping again and again with joy by JH13's 3 points. It's a Wow!

At 00:28:00 seconds, the score was:
Ginebra = 91      Alaska = 90

Yes, there still 00:28 seconds left but the saying: "Time is Gold" ruled over Alaska. Oh boy! You can't really buy time some times and Alaska made 2 points shot!

At 00:05:00 seconds, the score was:
Ginebra = 91      Alaska = 92

It was actually a no-hope moment but being a Ginebra fan and being known the team for a NEVER SAY DIE attitude, we believed that the team will do everything to win the game. But deep inside I was losing grip that Ginebra couldn't make it anymore. I cannot breathe that time... I feel like having a heart attack, lols!

Then, the remaining seconds run. I could hear my heart: "Thump! Thump! Thump!", and then... time out! There's still a remaining 00:01 seconds but... c'mon, its end of the game. It was really hard to accept that the game ended that way.

The final verdict: Ginebra lost, Alaska won the game.
At 00:01:00 second, the final score was:
Ginebra = 91     Alaska = 93

By the way, Alaska has had still a 1 free throw shot by CB3.

I feel for JH13. Everybody feels for our team especially for JH13. Hey, it's still a nice game though. The spirit of winning the game has been witnessed by 21, 062 crowd attendees. Ginebra GinKings really tried hard to win. But everything happens for a reason. I think, last night's game; we are really bound to get lost. I believe that next time, we are bound to be a champion again and not just a winner.

 21,000 Ginebra fans & 62 fans only for Alaska!

Miss you all guys!

I really refused to remember this game. It hurts. Until now, I'm still watching again and again the last 47 seconds of the game. Hey, we were caught in camera in the last final seconds of the game hehehe. Cheer up guys. It's nice to see again my fellow kabaranggays and sister-ettes hehehe. 

Trying to move on. Sniff*



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