Monday, July 26, 2010

NAIL Of The Week: French Greeny Flower

Before I will make a new nail art for the week, here's my nail art last week. I named it a French Greeny Flower. I named it basic as the basic colors I used to make this nail art hehehe. I can't think creatively. I hope you will learn something again from this tutorial.

French Greeny Flower

To start with, you will need the following or any color for creating the flower. 

 from left: Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat, L.A. Colors (French Nails Pink & Pure White), Two-Way Nail Art Pen (dunno what color hehe)

Step 1. Apply the L.A. Colors in French Nails Pink onto nails. Apply two (2) coats.

Step 2. Using the L.A. Colors in Pure White, make a French tip onto nails.

Step 3. Apply colorless polish onto nails and while it's wet (this is a tip I got from Nikki of, Create five (5) dots using the two-way nail art pen. This will tend the dots go bigger and dissolve onto the colorless polish.

... and quickly, using a needle then feather inwards the dots to create a flower.

Step 4. Voila! You're done with your nail art. Don't forget to apply a top coat.

So, here's your French Greeny Flower.

It's just that simple. Did I bore you again? I hope not hehehe.

Stay tuned.




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