Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nail Of The Week: Minty Pinky Nails

Do you miss me posting my nail arts? Ahaha... I wish I have followers, lols! Anyways, I really miss doing nail arts. After our Boracay getaway, I've had a lot of things that needed to catch up and been doing it for a couple of weeks now. Actually, even today, Sunday, we assisted a client in Makati to do a list of things for move-out. So, we got free this afternoon only and finally, I was able to do nail art again. Phew!

Since my mind and body still can't get over of Boracay (hu hu hu, am going back soon Boracay, lols!), I cannot also think of an art. I browsed blogs about her nail art tutorials and finally, I decided to recreate/ modify her Minty Chocolate Nail Art since this was the first nail art that my Mom tried on to my nails the time she received my gift. My Mom was so happy and couldn't believed she finally owned one. She's been lemming for it for quite a long time. I like the nail art that my Mom recreated for me and so, now, I recreated it too. I don't know if she (Nikki) still remembers me in case she happen to read this. It's from her where I bought the PrettyNails - set of twelve (12) of two-way nail art pens that I gave as gift to my Mom.  Yes, nagmana ako sa Mom ko sa kakikayan hehehe. I was happy to know that all those polish colors she used, eventually I owned a similar polishes, too. Yay!

Minty Pinky Nails 

To start with, you will need the following:

From left: White, Baby Pink, Radiation, Magenta &  Black Sparkles

Step 1.  Start with a clean nails. Apply the L.A. Color Craze in Radiation onto nails. Apply two (2) coats.

Step 2. Make a thin French tip using the L.A. Art Deco in Black Sparkles.

You can either stop here and get this neat French tip design only or...
...go on further.

Step 3. Create five (5) dots using the L.A. Art Deco in Baby Pink, and... 
... quickly feather it inward to create a flower. Then, apply three (3) dots to add more beauty.

Step 4. Make a French tip using L.A. Art Deco in White, apply it thinly as you could. This step can also be make right after your Black Sparkles french tip (refers to Step 2).

Step 5. Using L.A. Art Deco in Magenta, put dots to each of the flower you created for a nice bud.

Step 6. Lastly, always finished your work of art with a top coat. 
My Minty Pinky Nails, yay!

Hope you enjoy my recreated nail art (thanks Nikki of for this very cute design. Stay tuned beauties.



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