Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nail Of The Week: Sexy Bloody Red Nails

I don't feel making any new nail art yet. I thought I cannot skip a week not making nail arts but I survive it, lols! Last week, I took out from the drawer my vanity bag where I put all my nail polishes. If a polish is quite old to my eyes, I segregate it to the other box. I'm not the type of getting rid of stuffs and throwing it away if I haven't using for quite sometime. I have the attitude of keeping kikay stuffs in a place and checking it after sometime. Looking at all my kakikayan stuffs is also my other way of de-stressing hehehe.

Last week, when I was checking my nail polishes, I realized that I have a lot of nail polishes that I haven't tried and used ever yet since the day I purchased those. I picked 4 colors and tried them on to each of my finger nails. I was surprised because all of it looked good on my nails. Of course, my hubby is always there to judge what will look good on me. He's the best judge ever! Then, I decided to go for a Plum Wine of L.A. Colors as my judge advised.

Always clean your nails. Use a pusher to refresh the natural texture of your nails and also to take out some polish that aren't been removed. Then, use a nipper to cut out those hanging nails. Brush it after or just rinse it soap and water so that if you will apply the nail polish, it will glide on smoothly.

After applying the Plum Wine onto my nails, I really love the results. It made my hands fairer and... SEXY. Yes, I feel like I'm so sexy hehehe.

(Be noted that the following photos below, my skin is quite lighter compare to the photos above due to adjustment of camera flash.) 

I'm just feeling grateful of having my hubby. His taste never go wrong so far, well, just my opinion.

When I've already done this, there were a lot of things that crossed into my mind. Red colors are really sexy. When I was a kid, I used to see my Mom wearing a red lipstick. I sometimes tote around with her vanity bag and played with her lipsticks and tried applying it onto my lips which she would always told me not to because I'm still young. My Mom would always say that those stuffs are for big girls or mature girls only. Also I consider the word make-up before as the lipstick only; I don't even know there are eye shadows, pencils, foundation, & etc.

When I was in my high school, then that I've learned a lot about girl stuffs. I've turned-out to be more maarte na since my Mom enrolled me in a Catholic School exclusively for girls only. I remember before, there is a time that I didn't go to school just because I ran out of my favorite Johnson's & Johnson's cologne. Hahaha so silly of me thinking my classmates would smell me. I'm just being so paranoid before. Anyway, so much for remembering those days because I'm getting obvious of my age hehehe.

This shot reminds me a movie I've seen... it's a Crime/ Thriller movie. A girl found lying in the floor with so much blood all over... and found dead. 

And this shot reminds me of a girl whom you have thought you can trust but later you'll found out; she's a traitor. Hahaha!

I would always make it with my toe nails done. I feel incomplete if I don't do both my hands and toes. I'd rather leave it bare than seeing it not completely polished.

Okay, I hope this post is worth reading. Stay tuned. P.S. I think I have to grab a red lipstick. I don't own one now.



L.A. Colors Nail Polishes are locally available at 
Market!Market! 2nd floor, Department Store
Retail Price: Php 60.00

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