Thursday, September 9, 2010

Face It: Look Naturally Beautiful With Neutrals by Maybelline + Ystila + Nyx

Look Naturally BEAUTIFUL with Neutrals!

Today, I will share to you an FOTD I did last weekend. Using neutral colors resulted to a natural, bright make up that would be perfect to wear during daytime. Honestly, doing a natural, bright make-up would sometimes give me difficulties to have a nice result after. Lols! I'd rather do a Smokey eye make-up coz I find it easier to do since you can just put 1 or 2 dark eye shadows and blend it away, and then you're done hehehe.

Okay, so today, I really tried hard to make a tutorial for a natural, bright make up for my friend's request. She said she will try my FOTD for her every day's work. Remember, you just need neutral colors of eye shadow for this.

Here's what I used in this tutorial:

Apply Etude House BB Magic Cream onto face and neck;
Set your face with Natural Rice Oil Absorbing Powder 
(It will set accordingly to your skin color after a minute).
Define your brows. I'm using Maybelline Studio Eye Definist.
Apply NYX Eye Shadow Base prior to eye shadow application.
Using my Maybelline Expertwear Trio, I picked the lightest shade and apply it to my entire lid up to the brow bone.
Then, I picked the medium brown shade and apply it from outer part of my lid up to my eye socket. Do gentle strokes inward.
I picked the darkest shade in the Trio and make my outer-V. Feather inwards.
Note: I added more shade to make my outer-V darker.
Line your upper lash line using IN2IT Liquid Eye Liner. You can make one (1) thin line but then, I opted to make it looking thicker, so I made it a 2 winged line. It's your choice anyway.
Curl your lashes. Apply 2 coats of IN2IT mascara.
Brighten your eyes more using an Ystila eye shadow.
Apply it thinly in the corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop.
I am using Bobbi Brown blusher in Pink Clay.
Line your lips with NYX lip liner in Rose. 

You're done!

It's just so easy, right? This FOTD made me used my Maybelline Expertwear that has been in my drawers for ages now, lols! I accidentally broke the closing tap of it and so I just keep it then. Hahaha good thing I made this tutorial, I happened to see and realized some of the shades that are much worth to try for.

Here are some of the takes. 

Okay. I hope this tut (tutorial) helps and you enjoyed reading. More upcoming make-up tuts to post.

Smile always and stay tuned.




  1. naturally pretty indeed. mas charming tingnan yun mga may tame make up.
    good job! Ü


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