Saturday, September 11, 2010

Get Bonded With Your Family This Weekend

After hoarding a few NIKE pieces from the Clearance Sale in Mega Trade Hall (5th floor Megamall), I and hubby headed to Eastwood City. My hub's family has been waiting for us there to spend the afternoon with them. Honestly, we always went to Libis but we haven't had a chance to take a peek of how's the Eastwood Cyberzone looked now. It's been ages since I last saw this "concrete jungle", lols! Yes, I defined it as "concrete jungle" because Eastwood is only a 16-hectare property that full of residential, commercial, business and entertainment development. So, imagine how crowded it is.

When I was still working with a Korean Real Estate company, I used to go there for viewing of condominiums both for rent and for sale. That was 2004-2007 and a lot of high rise towers were being constructed that time. Then, the last time I've been inside the Eastwood City again was last year and I noticed before the very big area that was being fenced. I have no idea about it and only yesterday that I knew that it was a four (4) residential towers connecting to a Mall which is the Eastwood Mall.

Moving on, we parked at the 1st basement of the Eastwood Mall. I really don't like their parking area; it was really confusing. Then, we headed to Cafe Via Mare where my in-laws were waiting for us. We had chit-chat a bit while eating our merienda. 

Hub's family
Yes, it was dancing with the music's beat.
Jai Ho was playing on this.
The Bridge
The Mall
The Eastwood Mall
The other side of the Eastwood Mall
The Coffee Bean got a really nice location here, huh.
A shot taken from the bridge.
That small stage they are preparing is for Basil Valdez mini-concert.
Strike a pose!
Before we headed home, we ate again at McDonalds inside the Eastwood Mall.
Then, we went down and watch the fountain show. They said that every after 30 minutes, music will be played and the fountain dance along with the beat. Oh, then it's a must-see hehehe. We waited for it. We sat by on the benches just right outside the mall. Then, the show begun after a couple of minutes.

It was fun listening with the music but the exhibition of the fountain was not spectacular, okay? Hehehe... Anyway, this place is good for hanging out with the family. They made this place like the style of Trinoma, Greenbelt and Bonifacio High Streets.

These styles are adopted from International. It's good to know that they are making these mall styles because it's a family, granny and kiddie friendly environment. I belong to the kiddie. Lols! By the way, the place is just very small compared to Trinoma and Greenbelt. I still go for Bonifacio High Streets.

 By the way, when we are on our way to Eastwood, I checked our NIKE pieces and found out that one (1) pair of sock was missing. I've checked our receipt thoroughly and it confirmed that it was punched by the cashier. We suspected that the bagger might have forgotten to put it inside the plastic bag or maybe it fell that we didn't notice. But when we're at the Cafe Via Mare, I've confirmed that we lost it because of the photo I took with hubby holding the shopping bag. It is clearly that it wasn't the bagger's fault but us. Sayang hehehe! Okay, that's it for now. How about you? Have you started yet your long weekend?

Smile always and stay tuned.



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