Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yummy Treat with Family in Burgoo

Last Tuesday was another priceless moments with my family. I and hubby headed to North after our appointment in Makati. We arrived at my Mom's house at 2:00 p.m. and fetched my Momma and my nephew to attend my niece's 12th birthday celebration later that day.

We did strolling first at Trinoma. My Mom bought some Feng Shui stuffs at the Dept.Store and we headed to the 4th floor where a nice landscaping of garden is located. That time, the rain just stopped pouring and there's no fountain on yet. It's already been a long time since I last brought my Mom in Trinoma and I know she missed hanging out there again. Anyway, we had fun cam whoring.


Love ko 'tong mini-bridge na ito.
When my sister texted me that they are on their way, we just crossed from Trinoma to the neighbouring SM The Block. It was already 6:00 p.m. We headed directly to Burgoo, 2nd floor of SM The Block. My sister, her husband and my niece were waiting there for us for a great birthday celebration for their one and only child - Pam, who is also my one and only niece. Our family is very small hehehe. I have 4 siblings and only 2 have one (1) child each and that's my niece and my nephew.
They had fun drawing.

 And so we are, too. Hehehe...

 In Burgoo (pronounce as Ber-gu), instead of putting place mats, I love their idea of putting white paper and a set of crayons are also provided. Perfect if you have kids with you, they can draw and play crayons while waiting for your ordered food. Nice eh? When the ordered food was starting to be served on the table, I suddenly got real hungry, lols!

We ordered 2 entrees, both large:
 Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs

Shrimps and Ribs Platter
(I forgot to take photo of it. This entree came so late because they forgot to serve it.)

We had two (2) large Stone Baked Pizza:
 Pizza Sampler

Again, I forgot to take photo of the other pizza which is the Hawaiian Delight as we were very hungry and started eating and food are still coming, lols!

We had pasta but not really my fave hehehe.
Large Carbonara

If I'm not mistaken, this is the Country style Fried Chicken (large).

We also had Breaded Pork Chops and of course, bottomless Iced Tea. Well, all the food was D-E-L-I-S-H. Oh so yummy! It was my first time to dine in Burgoo. They have huge servings for Large ha. So I think, their regular serving is enough for two (2) persons. For me, the price is a bit steep but okay lang hehehe.

 Picture muna bago eat siyempre.

My nephew had a taste of all food on the table, lols! He was pointing for another slice of baby back ribs.

Hubby, my nephew, me and my Momma.

My Sis, my niece and Bro-in-law

 Happy Birthday Pam!

What I like also in Burgoo was that they are giving a free Sundae if you are a birthday celebrant. Hmm... So anyone can just say it's his/her birthday just to avail of that free Sundae? Lols! That Sundae is P195.00 I think, not bad eh? Especially if they will serve the Sundae with 4 or 5 Burgoo staffs singing to you a Happy Birthday song with matching tambourines? We got so really, really surprise as they were singing out very loud with the instruments.

Here's a short video I took:

We had a smile on our face after the dinner. Just a sign that we were really, really full and enjoyed the food! So, you think we ate it all? Nope. A lot of food left so we had it take-out.Yey!

Around 8:30 p.m., we were driving in Edsa to send them home. It's only my sister, my niece and Momma at the back side. My Bro-in-law was left as he has a meeting with his friends. In the front side were me and my nephew to balance the car, lols! Ang dami kaya naming nakain, siyempre bumigat kami noh.. We drove home first to my Mom's house and after that was to my sisters'. It was really a great and fun night again with my family.

Smile always and stay tuned.




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