Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our iPhone4 16GB Black

I've been very busy lately and I set blogging aside for the meantime. It's been over two (2) weeks already since I last posted. Well, today's post would somehow pay the time I missed 'coz this post is considerably worth reading for. Hahaha I wished.

We attended the iPhone 4 launching in the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-la (2nd floor) last September 26, 2010. Only those with the presented stubs were allowed to enter. Free WIFI dun kaya ayun ang saya hehehe. And thanks naman kasi an iPhone 4 customer assistant was roving around with the iPhone 4 for the customers/ subscriber to have a chance to see, hold and touch the unit. I and hubby scrutinized each of every detail of the iPhone 4. Wow talaga! Parang pinaliit na iPad lang. Ganda ng hitsura. I drooled....! I told hubby to buy one for me. I wanted it so badly hehehe.

But now, no more sleepless nights anymore. We finally have our iPhone 4 units now. Wohoo! Thanks much to hubby. Umwaahh! Originally I'm the only one that was supposed to own one but hubby got jealous hehehe, so he get one for him also para terno kami.

Our Black iPhone 4 16GB units:
iPhone 4 set:

I and hubby are Nokia users ever since. I admit, switching to iPhone isn't that easy. I must say it's difficult. I have to take time to be able to familiarize with it. Kaya naman on my first night with my iPhone 4, talagang napuyat ako pati si hubby sa kaka-touch sa kanya... lols!

 I'm a first timer iPhone user. Si hubby din. Sa simpleng pag-unlock nito, na-amaze na ako... pasensiya na hehehe. To unlock it, simply slide it to the right.


Menu na in 1 blink... lols!

I really fell in love with iPhone 4. It has features that other iPhones don't have. They added:

o FaceTime - iPhone 4 has a secondary camera so you can make video calling. 
See them and talk to them real time for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. 
Like na like itong features na ito, hindi ka gagastos sa video calls. 

o It's a 5-megapixel camera.

 iPhone comparing to iPhone 4 (right). Please click photo to enlarge.

o Retina Display - yes, it's true. Very sharp and ang linaw ng phone screen. 
It said it is four times (4X) the pixel count of the previous iPhone.

If you to know more about the difference from the other Apple iPhones, please click the links below:
o the latest - iPhone 4
o It is sleeker now. Love the edges, so professional looking.

By the way, the iPhone 4 is powered by a MicroSIM. It is smaller size than the standard Sim size. This MicroSim comes with the iPhone 4 when you purchase it from Globe. 

It comes with a cute needle hehehe. To open and inserting the MicroSIM. 

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For now, we are enjoying to the maximum level with our iPhone 4. Para pa rin kaming nasa Cloud 9 hahaha. Ang OA namin, yeah I know.

Smile always and stay tuned.


All photos are IamJenniya copyrights except photos with marks and credits from GSM Arena.


  1. I really love how you detailed everything. :)


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