Thursday, December 23, 2010

Face It: Warm Touches With Mettalic Silver For The Holiday

I'm back again beauties. After a very hectic schedules this week, I and B (my hubby) just stayed at home today. Mind you, we are supposed to meet someone in Makati today but it has been cancelled. Anyway, last Tuesday, after buying some Christmas presents for our family and friends and yes, despite of our busy schedule, I still got the chance to make a make-up tutorial again even late in the afternoon when we arrive hehehe. Ala lang, I just got in the mood to do so. Well, I could say that getting my face made-up is also my way of de-stressing. 

Anyway, I love how this season is making our days cold especially at night. That's why, my make-up tutorial that I will share with you today is somewhat related with our cold season now. Well, the colors I've used for this tut has warm touches; just so perfect to compliment our weather. Again, this tut is a shortcut version. I will skip to post some steps.

Mettalic Silver Holiday Make-Up
Camera set with low flash.

What I used:
 I only used ES26, ES20, ES3, B3 and B4 from this palette.

Step 1.
Prep your face (moisturize, applied foundation, set powder and lining your eye brows). Using the small concealer brush or apply the pencil directly to lids and spread it using your ring finger, I applied the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk from the inner corner of my eyes up to almost 2/3 of my eye lids. That will serve as my base color.
NYX in Milk.

Step 2.
Using an eye shadow brush, I picked ES26 from my NYX Palette and topped it off of the eye pencil in Milk. Same as 2/3 of the lids.

Step 3.
Using the same eye shadow brush, I picked Wheat Shimmer Wash from my Bobbi Brown Nude On Nude Shimmer Wash palette and applied it in the middle part with outward strokes but not reaching the outer part of the lid. See the photo below. 
 Wheat Shimmer Wash (Bobbi Brown)

Step 4.
I applied the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Slate at the outer-V, then, blend it inwards up to the crease.
 NYX in Slate

Apply a small amount of NYX in Slate and then... Blend!

Step 5.
Using the same eye shadow brush, I picked Mica Shimmer Wash from my Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nude palette and I topped it in the NYX in Slate. Blend it inwards.

Step 6.
Using the eye blending brush, I picked the ES20 from my NYX Palette and applied it in the crease area starting from the middle lid (where you can see the Silver) sweeping it down. It will create a deep set onto my eyes. Then, using the flat eye liner brush, I picked Mahogany from my Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nude palette and applied it starting from the outer corner of my eye up to half of my lower lash line.
See the result? An illusion of my deep set eyes.

 Step 7.
I lined my upper lash line with IN2IT liquid eye liner in Black.
And then, I picked ES3 from my NYX palette and applied it near my tear duct to brighten my eyes.

Then, After curling my lashes, I applied my Maybelline Volum Express Mascara in Black.
Okay! You're done with your eyes. That's warm to look at, eh?

Step 8.
Contour your cheeks. Using my flat-top bronzer brush, I picked B4 and applied it onto cheeks with downward motion (see photo on how I do it). Then, I picked B3 and applied it in the apple of my cheeks, then blend it with the B4. Don't forget your jaw line and chin.

Step 9.
For my lips, I applied NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose. I really love this pink shade! Then, I applied lipgloss in the middle of upper and lower lip for a lip pout effect.

So, there you go beauties. That's another make-up tut which is perfect for Christmas season. This is nice for a Christmas date with your beloved (BF's, partner, hubby) or get together with your family and friends or attending any parties. I'm sure this make-up will make you stand-out.

Here's another shot:

Just recently, my B said my face looked thin in almost all of my photos. Honestly, he didn't like it. He said I'm losing weight again hahaha. I took it as compliment and secretly I am happy with what he said. It means that I'm not fat hehehe, and then, maybe that's the result of contouring my creates illusion of hollow cheeks and c'mon... it does a nice result in photo. Do you agree?

Okay, so much for this. There's still more Holiday make-up tuts to be posted soon. Smile always and stay tuned. Merry Christmas!



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