Monday, December 20, 2010

Face It: Get Glam This Holiday Season with NYX Cosmetics

Happy Holidays! I missed blogging a lot. I've been very busy lately "making" money to spend this  holiday season hahaha. Thanks God for all the blessings. Whoah! Christmas is just 4 days away and yes, of course, Christmas Party is happening left and right, people are very busy going to the malls and what else shall I say? The result is a very heavy traffic! Hehehe...

Speaking of Christmas Party, I really miss attending a Christmas Party. Ever since I decided to go Freelancer, I haven't got the chance to attend Christmas Parties. The last party I've attended was from my previous work years ago. *Sniff sniff... I miss the Angels hehehe...

Today, I want to share with you the FOTD (Face Of The Day) I made which I think would help you prettify yourself in attending your Christmas Party with not spending much going to a salon to have your hair and make-up done. 

You can use your available make-ups if you have a similar color with what I have used in this tutorial. I used inexpensive imported cosmetics named NYX. This is also locally available by an online reseller but I got mine by ordering through online. I love NYX because aside from its cheap price, they've got colors that are really great to play with. But I already stopped buying cosmetics online because aside from I already have enough make-ups; the customs duties and taxes really, really SUCKS! If I needed to have some again, I would purchase to a local online reseller (a lot in Multiply site).

 Oh I love the colors!

Step 1.) 
To start with, moisturize your face first so the cream foundation will smoothly glide on when applied. I'm using Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer. Apply a small amount onto your clean face and neck.

Step 2.) 
Apply the Etude House BB Cream onto face and neck using an angled foundation brush. 

Step 3.) 
Set your foundation with powder. I'm using Natural Rice Oil Absorbing Powder in Natural. I used a large foundation brush to apply the powder onto face and neck.

Step 4.) 
Apply an eye shadow base to make your eye shadow last longer and make the color more vibrant. I used NYX eye shadow base in Skintone. Apply it onto lid up to the brow bone. Use your smallest finger to spread the cream on your lids. Also apply a little in your lower lashline, too.

Step 5.) 
Lined your eye brows. Well, this is optional. You can do your brows later on. I used IN2IT eye brow powder.

Step 6.) 
Using the eye shadow brush, I picked the silver labeled as ES26 from my NYX palette. I applied it onto my eye lids starting from the outside corner of my eyes outward leaving the outer crease area. See the whole palette below so you can recognize which color I am pertaining to. 
NYX Palette


Step 7.) 
Using the eye blending brush, I picked from my NYX palette a royal blue color labeled as ES24 and applied it in the outer-V and crease area.

Step 8.) 
Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, I picked a shimmery white eye shadow labeled as ES21. I applied it onto my brow bone sweeping it down to the corner of my eyes.

Step 9.) 
Using an eye blending brush, I picked Blue-black color labeled as ES30 from the palette and applied it onto my outer-V in circular motion and blend it inwards and onto the crease area with the royal blue color.
without camera flash
without camera flash
without camera flash
without camera flash
with camera flash
with camera flash

Step 10.) 
Line your eyes. I used IN2IT liquid eye liner in Black. Apply it closely in the lash line.You can wing it a bit at the end if you want.

Step 11.)  
Using a flat eye liner brush, I picked the blue-black color from the palette and applied it onto the lower lash line up to 2/3 area. Then, I lined my water line with IN2IT eye liner pencil in Black. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. I used IN2IT water proof mascara in Black.

Step 12.) 
Contour your cheeks if necessary. Photo below are the blusher, powder and bronzer from my NYX palette. Using my flat-top bronzer brush, I picked B6 and applied it to my cheeks starting from the side of my ear down to the hollow of my cheeks. This will make your face look thinner. Then, I picked B3 and applied it in the apple of my cheeks bringing it up to my highest cheek bones. Then, I blend it over to my hollows, jaw bone and to the chin bone.

Step 13.) 
Lastly, apply your favorite lippie. I used my Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush. Then, I top it off with shimmery lipgloss.

So, that's it! You're done now with your make-up. It's time to make your hair a do! So, go grab your curling iron and set your loose curls!

I hope this make-up tutorial helps. It's just a basic but then, simple strokes of make-up will make you pretty. Agree? Thanks for reading beauties!

Smile and stay tuned.



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