Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last weekend, we went to Megamall again to re-align my eye glasses. As always, I took the chance of passing by at Watsons Beauty. I've checked again Wet 'n Wild station and looked for other Silk Finish Lipstick shades but my choices which are the pink/mauve colors weren't available. A lot of shades were out of stock actually. I thought I could go home without any make-up purchases but I was wrong because I saw the Elianto with their Php50 sale. I immediately checked what's on sale. Heck, Php50?!? Are they kidding? Huh they're not!

Well, Php50 for a very few selected items only. It includes the make-up brushes, make-up refill palettes, and single eye shadows. Temptation got into me. You can't blame me... Php50 (approx.US$1.13)?!? I drooled. 

Meet my new babies - Colours Studio by Elianto.
 This is my first eye shadow purchase from Elianto. Finally, the time to try this make-up happened that day. Thank you sa Sale hehehe.

Unboxing my single eye shadows:

The Vibrant Shadow is a pure matte eye shadow.
Colour Studio by Elianto 
Vibrant Shadow in 07 Coral Pink

Colour Studio by Elianto 
Vibrant Shadow in 19 Young Lemon

The Pearl Shine Shadow is a matte eye shadow with shining gold pearls when applied.
Colour Studio by Elianto 
Pearl Shine Shadow in 03 Nile Green

Colour Studio by Elianto 
Pearl Shine Shadow in 05 Celadon Green

Time to swatch!
Taken with natural light by the window; no camera flash.
Left to Right: Young Lemon, Coral Pink, Celadon Green, Nile Green.

Taken indoor; with camera flash.

What I like:
o The price was such a steal! The original price was Php149 (aprrox.US$3.36) each marked down to Php50 (US$1.13) only.
o The Pearl Shine Shadows are much pigmented. One swipe and you're good to go.
o I find the matte ones a bit chalky.

What I don't like:
o The Vibrant Shadows aren't that pigmented; both the 07 Coral Pink & 19 Young Lemon. It took me 2-3 swipes before it reveals the true color.

For the dirty cheap price of Php50, I can't think of anything to complain hehehe. The Vibrant Shadow in 07 Coral Pink can also be used as blusher coz it is matte. Yey!

I also bought an Elianto 4-colors refill palette for only Php50 (this was originally priced at Php109). There's also a 6-color refill palette for Php80 only but I chose by 4's coz the 4 eye shadows above are the just the colors that I like and I think is wearable at daytime. 

Time to put my single pots to the palette.
Finished. Yey! Now this is another palette in addition to my growing make-up collection. 

I am so excited to do a make-up tutorial using my new babies - Elianto. Lols! The colors are so cool and lovely noh? Smile always and stay tuned.



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