Saturday, January 15, 2011


Every time I go to any SM Malls, I have no reason not to pass by at Watsons; both in the mall and in the department store. Last week was my first eureka moment for this 2011 and I've bought a lot of toiletries for our use from our head down to our toes, lols! Of course, make-ups were also in the list that day. I've bought some lipstick and matte single eye shadows. I don't have much matte shadows; I only have few. I have a lot of shimmery shadows kasi.

The lipsticks I bought from Wet 'n Wild.
I got Silk Finish Lipsticks in 514A (Cherry Frost) & 521A (Fucshia with Blue Pearl)

During my make-up hunt that day, I was happy to see the Wet 'n Wild (it was locally available last quarter of 2010). I've heard some nice reviews of this product and wanted to give it a try. I noticed that it's the only make-up display station that has no SA attending to customers. Maybe the SA was in break during that time or whatever. I saw the product display in a mess, lols! I mean, the customers come and go after some testing that made some items not returned in their right places. So, I had much time looking and testing the products without minding that an annoying SA will follow and trace every item I touch, if you know what I mean hehehe. They normally do that hehehe.  

The price tags are a lot the same with NYX Cosmetics but Wet 'n Wild are obviously way cheaper. From what I remember, mostly price starts at P299 and up. But I was surprised to see a price tag of P99.00 for a tube of lipstick. Yes, very cheap, right? Funny me coz that time I was looking for the designated Wet 'n Wild SA but unfortunately she wasn't in. I wanted to ask her why that lipstick was cheap compared to the other Wet 'n Wild lipstick which costs range starting at P299.00. Anyway, I grabbed two (2) lipsticks to give this brand a try.

521A (Fucshia with Blue Pearl)
See that tiny blue sparkles?

In my lips is the swatch of 521A.
Note that before I apply the lipstick, I lined my lips using a fucshia pink lip liner for defined full lips. I applied the lipstick on my upper lip then blot it with my lower lip. Then, I applied it again and re-blot.

What I like:
o Very cheap for P99.00 per tube.
o Semi-matte but with satin finish.
o Light-weight feel.
o Pigmented.
o Do not set in lines of my lips.

What I don't like:
o The packaging looks cheap (it justify the price, right? lols!).
o I have to pull the cap very slowly so it won't touch the lipstick or else... messy.
o It looks like the plastic tube is not durable for pulling up and down of lipstick.
o 1/2 inch of the lipstick is peeking so you can see it since it has a transparent cap. At first, I thought I just need to pull it down but I was wrong hehehe. Sagad na pala yun.

See? It's peeking!

If I feel skipping eye shadows and foundation on my face, I can wear this alone. This is much cheaper than my NYX round lipstick which costs Php 160.00 from online reseller. I will buy the other shade of lipstick, too and I will try their eye shadows. 

Smile always and stay tuned.




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  2. aha! I totally agree about the SA's!

    Nice lipsticks!

    -From your new follower, Aya

  3. I love the color <3 I think that lipstick in pink suits you. By the way, saang branch ng watsons mo nabili yan? I would really appreciate if you tell me :)


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