Thursday, January 13, 2011


New Year. New Look. 
Yes, I have finally decided to use eyeglasses. It's a new look for me and also to my B. The eye check-up was on our plan this January 2011 and we're both happy we've done it finally.

My last eye check-up was about 2 years ago and I chose to wear graded contact lenses then but in those 2 years, I only used the 4 pairs I bought and just occasionally used it when I really need to. I didn't choose to wear eyeglasses before because I'm afraid to look a lot older than my age. Then, I realized after that it was kind of impractical choosing contact lenses over eyeglasses. I meant not only money but time also because I always had a hard time putting on my contact lenses before. Yeah, I know some people find it quite just easy to put on, lucky them hehehe. So I promised to myself that if ever I will have my eye checked again, I will definitely buy eyeglasses.

Moving on, last year (December), I am decided to wear eyeglasses so that I can just put it on anytime and anywhere if I feel to or I need to. I know that there are right eyeglass frame which will suit our face shapes. Basically, I know that I have an oval shape face and I know it's the shape which you can wear any eyeglass frames. In short, it's the ideal shape of face. I can try rectangular, round or square frames.

That's why, when we hit the store, I was armed with what's my face type and I know what frames to be asked to the SA (sales assistant) for me to be tried on. At least, I don't have to ask them tips in choosing one and I won't spent a lot of time pointing frames in every glass stand display they have. Talking about tips, well, I am not generalizing but sometimes consulting with the SA's (Sales Assistant) and I am pertaining to the girls in the beauty department; they aren't helping in some ways. For some reasons, they didn't know well about the products they're selling. Just my observation hehehe.

My new look for 2011. Well, not all the time hehehe.

Honestly, I'm afraid I'll be looking older this time but I realized that I'm just being so paranoia. Now that I am officially wearing eyeglasses, I realized that I can consider this as one of my accessories for my everyday wear. I remember when we were choosing our frames and have tried on a lot, I felt a bit shy coz my self-impression was like I'm very mature but then, I still took the chance of having a new look for my own good.

Now, I love my look. It's quite daring for me to use this and meet with clients but there's no way and I just have to get used to it. Ewan ko but its flattering pala with an eyeglasses; I felt it added more confidence in me. Oh yeah, I am really beginning to adjust my self-image with this look, huh? I can see myself of having other eyeglasses with different lovely colors and frames. Yey! Love it!

Smile always and stay tuned.



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