Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey yah beauties! Today's post is still a part of the purchase of my first eureka moment of 2011. Yes, though it's just a mini-haul but those little items were such a big things for a make-up addict like me. Yes, I am embracing much my make-up addiction. It's just so nice being a girl noh?

Etude House have already a station inside the SM Megamall Dept. Store but the items aren't complete. You can still go directly to their boutique for their complete products at the  Upper Ground Floor Megamall Bldg A near the old site of Toy Kingdom. I bought two (2) new single eye shadows from Etude House (it's a Korean brand of cosmetics). This is my second purchase of Etude House products. My first purchase was the BB Magic Cream which I still have half-way amount of the bottle to use. Well, I don't use it everyday. 

Meet my new Etude House Matte Eye Shadows:

 (Please click photo to enlarge)
The labels are written down in Korean so I really don't know what the color identification of these but there is written down as no. "8" (left item) and "WH701" (right). I think those are the codes to identify the item's shade. Agree?

Here's a closer look of the packaging:
Isn't it cute? The details are very girly. The carvings and the design are love! See that design inside? Oh so cute noh?

The swatch of these two (2) shades:
Left: Very Pale Light Blue
Right: White

What I like:
o I find it cheap for a price of Php148 each.
o Cute packaging. It added worth to the price tag.
o When they say matte; it's really pure matte color without any sparkles or shimmers on it.
o Very smooth to glide onto the lids.
o Very fine texture.

What I don't like:
o Not that pigmented. Well, let me say this, the pale light blue color is actually very pale that's why I have to pick the color 3-times so it can be obvious that it is a pale light blue. I have no problem with the white though.
o I don't understand what has written at the back of their label, lols!

Honestly, the pigmentation doesn't really bother me that much. I love the eye shadows! I am happy to find these matte eye shadows because the fact that I have so many shimmery eye shadows in my vanity table, I am ashamed to say that I owned very, very few pure mattes. Yes, I do have other mattes but with shimmers on it. 


I am going to use these either as Base color or on top of any bases. Then, if you want bright make-ups, these are perfect. I can use the pale light blue for inner corners application and tear ducts area. The white is of course for highlighting the brow bone, tear duct area or the whole eye lids for a smooth application of eye shadows on top of it. I think I should make a tutorial on how to use these shadows if given a chance next week.

I still have other product reviews that are scheduled for entry. Until next post beauties!

Smile always and stay tuned.



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