Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I know, it's been a long time already since my last post. Blame it all to the work and the busy schedules. I still have a hang-over of the long-weekend vacation, so I have the reason to write now. By the way, how's your Holy Week? Did you go out of town or just stayed home with your family and observe the holy week? If you will ask about me, well, I spent it with my family from out of towns and observance of holy week back to the Metro.

I would consider that this is the busiest month for me for this year because aside from work, my brother who is an OFW from KSA have arrived this April and is now having a three (3) months vacation and also my B's cousin and his family did a short vacation here in Manila from the U.S. We brought them to the attractions they wanted to see and everything turned out fine. 

I have many stories to tell but let me first share to you my new beauty finds from SM Beauty Department. I still have my Maybelline mascara but I really cannot resist not to buy this cute "balloon brush" mascara from IN2IT. It's so cute that really fits in my kikay kit and which I can tote around anywhere I go. 
Isn't it so cute? The packaging, the color, the size? Hays.. I love it!

Yup! It's a balloon brush. The spikes are so soft and it coats each lash separately resulting to have an extra-length looking lashes. This is like their fibre mascara that I have tried on before that gives extra length to my lashes but the downside of that fibre mascara was it dried up immediately. I don't know with this balloon brush mascara how long will it last before it dries up. We will see then.

That spikes are made of rubber so that's why it's so soft. No worries if you accidentally poke your eyes hehehe. 

Yey! The price tag is just right with the size of this tube.

I've already used this balloon mascara for awhile now and I would say I saved time in putting on my make-up because when I'm in a hurry, I just curled my lashes and get out of the house and I do put on this mascara inside the car. The wand is so handy and I can manage to control it in my hands even the car is moving. That cute balloon brush is really a wander because even at the very peak of the traffic in EDSA where  hubby always hit the brake most of the times; it didn't messed up when it applies.

Okay beauties, that's it for now. I promised to go back with my regular blogging starting this week. 

Much love,

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