Friday, July 29, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: NEWSPAPER NAILS

It's obviously been a long time since my last post of nail tutorial. I am making it up by posting this nice and easy nail art using a newspaper. Either you're a beginner or never had tried any nail art; I know that this would be pretty easy for you to do. 

To begin with, grab a piece from your newspaper and prepare the materials needed.
Alcohol, White polish, Colorless polish, Nude polish, Top coat, and newspaper cut into cubes.

Step No.1) Apply the Nude polish onto nails. This step is preparing your nails for the application of the White polish so it will show the opacity.

Step No.2) Apply the White polish onto nails. Apply 2-3 coats until it looks opaque.

Step No.3) After the White polish gets dry, pour a little amount of alcohol directly onto nails or if you have a cap of any plastic bottle to make it as little container, pour enough amount of alcohol  onto cap/ container and then dip in each nails one at a time.

Step No.4) After dipping the nail in alcohol, take the cubed newspaper and press it down gently onto nails. Make sure you press the newspaper all over your nail for an obvious result. Then, quickly take-out the newspaper.

Step No.5) The newspaper obviously sticks onto your nail and that leaves a rough surface because of the excess paper. You can either go to the faucet and GENTLY rub the excess paper (take note: rub gently; you do not want to ruin the design) 

 or you can use a wet Q-tip/ cotton bud and rub it onto your nail to smooth you nail's surface.

Step No.6) Lastly, dry your hands/ nails. Apply your Colorless polish and finish it with your favorite Top coat to protect your nail art.

Newspaper Nails

I told you, it's that easy. It's not only that you have a cute nail art design but you are also telling the whole world that you have used a newspaper in decorating your nails. So, you've helped to recycle the paper in your most kikay way.

Much love,



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