Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thicker Eyebrows Are Hot!

I miss blogging so much. Yes, I know it's been so long since I last posted. I have so many back logs, oh no! Anyways, I'm here again to give you blahs. And that is all about the evolution of my eyebrows, lols! Eyebrows are very important to enhance the feature of your face. They are framing your face and it draws attention to your eyes. You should be thankful if you have naturally thick eyebrows.  If you're not, cosmetics can help you utilize to make it thicker.

I got a naturally thick eyebrows. Literally, mine has long hair strands, bushy and dark. I got conscious about it when I graduated in high school. Before that, I used to have a "virgin" eyebrow. My Mom would always say not to pluck it before and I can't forget what she told me that thick eyebrows will make you look young than having thin shaped eyebrow because it will make you look matured or older.

 This is me during my high school days. Yes, I was dark when I was young and until now hehehe. I know I never get that fair. When I went to college, I had the reason to groom myself as an adult (I'm a late bloomer) and I meant was I had the reason to get more conscious about my appearance particularly my face. That was the time I decided and set aside my Mom's advice of not touching my virgin eyebrow. I guess then that it's already time to groom it.

Here was my eyebrow years ago. I was already in my mid 20's here...

I had thin shaped eyebrow since then until recent years ago (I think 3 years or so), I started to had it grow again but unfortunately only few have grown back. Too late for me. Yes, I regret that I over plucked it. But that didn't make me feel least beautiful anyway since I get used of thin shaped. After all, there's make-up that can do magic anytime you want it! 

It's so funny, yeah. Because now that I'm growing old, I want to look younger and so I want thicker brows again hahaha! I am fond of using eyebrow pencil before but when I started to make it grow again, I've switched to brow powder.

Until recently, I saw the models and celebrities are raving with thicker and dyed brows. It looks softer. There are kits to dye your eyebrows but I don't know where to buy (I would appreciate if you can drop a comment if you know any that sells brow dyeing kit). Meantime, I was thankful to found this Maybelline brow kit that I have been using for about a year already.

I want to share with you how I make a thicker brows using my Maybelline Eye Studio and IN2IT brow kit:

Left: Wax; Right: Powder 

Step 1.) Apply the wax on the inner 1/2 of your brow. Then, top that inner 1/2 with the brow powder. I used other brow brush and take color from the lightest shade of my IN2IT brow kit. I lined it at my lower brow from the inner half outwards. Always remember that your outer brow should always be darker.

See that long hair strands?

Step 2.) Trace your upper brow especially your arch starting from the inner 1/2 of the brow outwards (Yes, I know I looked like a cartoon here). Then, fill in from your arch point down to the end of your eyebrows.

Step 3.) Fill in that remaining trace using the Maybelline brow powder. Then, using a spooly, brush your brow starting from where you made the trace.

And Voila! Meet my natural-looking thick eyebrow!
How about you beauties? Do you like thicker brows?

I will try to get to my regular blogging starting next week. I have so many things to share with you gals but a lot of things have been occupying me for over 2 months now. Until my next post.

Much love, 



  1. Thank you for this! Brow grooming is my waterloo :\

  2. Thanks for dropping by Aya. Hope this post helps.. :)


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