Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Review: CARMEX Moisturising Lip Balm

How do you keep your lips soft and supple?

I have natural wrinkled lips. Mine has these obvious lines. That's why I can't leave home without putting on lipstick to cover my lip's imperfections. I'm using petroleum jelly to moisturize it and whenever I feel that my lips are getting too dry (I have lots of big jars of it given to me by my brother from KSA). But just 2 weeks ago when I bought matte lipsticks that I was obliged to apply petroleum jelly from time to time (of course I'm just doing it if I'm just home). Matte lipsticks has dry formulas and literally, it can make your lips dry so whenever you are going to use mattes then you should apply lip balms or in my case, I used petroleum jelly prior to application of any matte lipsticks. But honestly, I am not fond of its smell; it smells gas. And I am not fond either of usual lip balms with tints.

I've read about Carmex lip balm. They said it's the best lip balm. I've read a lot of it from the other beauty bloggers so I think of giving a try this lip balm but I don't know where to buy it because I don't see it in any Watsons store. But last weekend, my hubby and I were in Greenbelt to watch movie and I was very happy to see a very big advertisement of the Carmex in the window glass of First Aid store. It was beside the Power MAC Centre near the escalator.


Of course, I didn't let the chance passed and I went inside the store. I discovered that Carmex lip balm has 3 different packaging: a stick, a tube and a jar; all priced at P99.75 only.

I opted to get one in jar because I used lip balm when I'm just home. I don't use it when I'm out because I always have my lipstick on. Plus, this one in jar contains a lot more product so you get the most of your money's value.

By the way, when I was there standing in front of the lip balms section, there was this scent that I fell in love with (I can't figure out what scent it is when I was there) and I thought of maybe that came from the other lip balm brands with lots of varieties of flavours. It was when I got home when I realized that the scent was actually from the Carmex that I bought. It has a Vanilla scent. I never thought it has vanilla fragrance because it never stated in the top label that it is flavored or what but just "original formula", that's it. But if you scrutinize the ingredients, it stated there it has Vanillin and fragrance.

When I first opened the jar, I smelled two; a mixed of Vanilla and Menthol. I use my pinky to get product's amount and applied onto my lips. I slowly felt the tingling effect right after. I just continued applying more of the product on. Then, I know that the menthol was evenly distributing to each of the affected areas because the tingling sensation intensifies even more. Then, after a minute my lips got numb and I feel that my lips pouted; like I was imagining I have very full lips like Angelina Jolie, lols! I was scared. I thought I may be allergic to their ingredients. But then, the tingling effect and numbness was slowly fading and gone after 10-12 minutes. I guess that is how it works. I mean, that is how this Carmex lip balm relieves dry lips. Also, Carmex will leave you sheen and last longer than of petroleum jelly that gets dried up on the lips after an hour.

First application - See how how wrinkled my lips are? I applied a generous amount using my finger. I love that it's colorless. Plus points for me.

After 6 hours, I applied again before going to bed. The photo above was taken after 11 hours from my last application, my lips were obviously soft; not dry. It moisturized my lips very well, agree? The lines got minimized. See the big change within 24 hours? Woaah!

I still feel the same tingling effect when I had my 2nd and 3rd application but no more numbness. It is because of the menthol but not too long and it always faded. I think you will feel these effects every time you use the product. I can say my lips are now better than before. Well, the photo speaks for it.

For now, I love this Carmex lip balm. I know, it's too early for the verdict but this product is really amazing! This product works with me. Yey! I have read some blog post that this product didn't work with them. I will edit this post in the future and add if I have additional pros and cons about this product.

Until my next post beauties.

Much love,


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