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Product Review: Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

Since last month, whenever I had the chance to pass by at any Watsons, I always checked repeatedly my favorite beauty counters looking for the matte lipstick. I always failed to find any because some aren't matte that I wanted and some are just too steep for me. So after the longest time of finding matte, I finally gave in to try and bought 2 matte lipsticks from Ever Bilena. My last purchase from Ever Bilena was their matte jumbo pencil lipstick way back 10 years ago when I was working in Penshoppe. That matte texture back then is what I really wanted.

P145.00 each

Anyway, at the first glance of their testers, the matte lipstick speaks itself; it really looked matte. Then, I swatch some. By the way, I never swatch lipstick onto my lips (hygiene it is!) but only on top of my hands. Moving on, when I glide it onto my hand, the color pay-off wasn't good; the color barely show. So, I had it glided with a little bit of pressure then, finally, it shows. Well, maybe the testers were mostly opened that's why the testers dried up. I've chosen 2 shades - Mauvey and Pink Flame.

L: Pink Flame; R: Mauvey

I hate SA's that do not know well the product they are selling especially with those in the cheap brands. I don't want to be so mean but that's the truth. I'm just being honest.

When I asked the SA to get me a new stock of Mauvey and Pink Flame, I asked her to open it for me and I got dismayed because the cap of the Mauvey that has a swatch of the lipstick wasn't been glued well and it was detached from the top of the cap. She told me she'll get a new stock. That was okay with me but to hear from her that the detached cap swatch can actually be used as lip gloss... What?!? Of course, I know it is not a lip gloss. I wanted to correct her but then again, I don't want to be mean to her especially that she has another customer in her area, so I ignored what she has said. I'm just irritated by her stupid selling techniques. I just get a new stock of it and off directly to the cashier. When I got home, I discovered that the new stock she gave was also the same. It has defects. Both of them.

Both Pink Flame & Mauvey - chipped off silver coating.

Mauvey - the cap swatch was also the same (it wasn't glued). Oh c'mon, that is not a lip gloss but more like a soft rubberized thing.

Pink Flame - when I first tried to twist it upward. was ruined! Oh no!

I was really saddened. All of us would like to have our purchases brand new and no defects, right? I love my lipsticks in their perfect shapes and untouched until I glide it onto my lips. But this batch of lipstick purchase is an exemption. I just get what I pay for. Another lesson learned.

Enough for that blah. I just want to warn you that the following photos below are kinda gross. Excuse me dear because during that time, I was in my 2 successive days of wearing my Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick and haven't I said so yet that my lips tend to exfoliate grossly whenever I used my Maybelline? So, just close this window if you can't stand to see it.

Ever Bilena Matte lipstick swatches:
Pink Flame

Mauvey (with cam flash)

Mauvey (without cam flash)

The verdict? 

  • I have wrinkly lips so it sets in lines but not that obvious since it's matte.
  • It easily vanished when you eat and do not left even a bit of stain (except in your lip lines) but it's not really a big deal for me. We always retouch anyway.
  • They are really matte finish. The photos didn't justify the matte-ness but in person, it is lovely! Just the way I wanted to. 
  • You have to swipe it more for your desired opacity.

Pink Flame is my favorite. I've been wearing Pink Flame every day since last week. The Mauvey is perfect to match with a dark smokey eye. Well, despite all the defects I found, I am happy that I have mattes now. I just hope I can find like these in other brands.

Until my next post beauties!

Much love,



  1. I love Pink Flame! :D And I heard that the swatch caps contain actual product (not lip gloss). I hate it when SA's are like that. You picked up nice shades, btw :D

  2. Yeap, Pink Flame is really sweet. I was thinking what to call that thing, so it's called the swatch caps pala hehe. Thanks Aya..

  3. Hey, the bottom part does come off. I think it's a gloss. Chill, it is supposed to come off

  4. Oh I'm sorry, I think I'm wrong, I just picked up my matte eb lipstick out of curiosity and realized it isn't a gloss. That's pretty awkward since it was all
    Oily and glossy when I purchased it. Sorry!

  5. Oh I'm sorry, I think I'm wrong, I just picked up my matte eb lipstick out of curiosity and realized it isn't a gloss. That's pretty awkward since it was all
    Oily and glossy when I purchased it. Sorry!

  6. Zeadelle dear, it's okay. But I don't think the swatch caps supposed to come off because my other one; the Pink Flame doesn't. After tossing it in my vanity bag for how many times already, it is still glued in the cap up to this moment. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

  7. Geezz! Ever Bilena should hire better quality control staff and sales assistant. I already have the mauvey shade and loving it! Great review dear :)

    following you now! :)

  8. Geeeezz! Ever Bilena should hire a better quality control staffs and sales assistants. Thanks for this review dear, i'm planning to collect all their mattes as well.

    Following you now! :)

  9. @ sushee
    Thanks for the follow dear.

  10. Absolutely stunning colors! But I would be so upset to have a defected product after paying good money for it!

    1. I was upset. I'm not going to repurchase. Found better matte lipstick in other brand already with a better quality. Thank you for dropping by my blog. XX

  11. Aww pink flame is so pretty! I have them in mauvey, off beat pink, skin, a toast of new york and scarlet. they are so nice but i dont like the taste/


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