Monday, September 12, 2011

Newest Baby On-Hand: Sony NEX-C3

Guess what we recently owned. Presenting the DSLR killer, meet our newest baby...

Sony NEX-C3
E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS
16.2 Megapixels

Yes, we finally owned this baby. Originally, we plan to buy NEX 5 but my hubby is such a genius in gadgets so he knew that there's a latest NEX coming. Good thing we waited! At first, we've searched and canvassed online about the prices. Yes, it was very cheap because you can buy as low as P24,000 but not complete; only the unit. There's no inclusion of memory card, camera bag and neck strap. There's warranty card but it only covers 1 year. When your unit needs repair, you have to bring it from whom you have bought it and they will be the one to fix it; you CANNOT bring it to the Sony directly and have it repaired for free. You should be alarmed if you hear that. Do not let your hard-earned money go to waste. So, I and hubby decided to buy directly from Sony store. Yey!

The Sony NEX-C3 was originally priced at P34,999 but we were able to negotiate from the store manager (since we paid in cold cash) and guess how low he gave the unit? Just send me a message and I will reply which store and how much we got it. We got the NEX-C3 with the neck strap, camera bag, 8 GB memory and with 3-years warranty.

We haven't yet studied how to use this camera but so far reading the manual included, we are both very happy with our photo results. My hubby will be attending Lito Sy's photography workshop very, very soon, so we're both excited to use our new baby with right knowledge on how to take photos like a Pro. Meantime, I will share to you the photos of our recent trip to Tagaytay.

Just click the photos to enlarge.

Here's the photo with settings using Soft Focus.

Here's the photo with settings using Blue key of Photo Creativity.
Red key of Photo Creativity.

Here's the photo settings with Macro Shots:

Panoramic Views

Okay, enough with the shots. I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos. 

Much love,


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