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Repost: How I manage to wear my bikini confidently?

I admit I really hate bikinis before. It terrifies me. Back in the day, when I go out with my college friends to go for swimming, we just wear a plain t-shirt and shorts. Definitely not the proper swimming attire. Talk about life in the province (Mindanao), well, they don't even require proper swimming attire, then why should we? I even swore to my friends before that I will never ever wear a bathing suit especially bikini. When I was young, I thought I got all kinds of flaws or body issues. I felt so inferior believe me. I am flat-chested. I am not fair-skinned. I had a not well-kept bikini line (no wax services yet that time)Gawd! It's so terrifying. 

But time passed by and we've gone through a lot of things as we gets mature (old), somehow I've gained guts. I've been living in Manila for over a decade and I already embraced the liberation. I have guts but I am still as timid as you can imagine. It was my hubby (who was a boyfriend then) that totally made me out of my shell. It took a lot of courage and finally, I am able to wear a bikini confidently. My hubby is very supportive (that's why I married him). He always says nice things about how I look (well, he's obligated!), he makes me feel good about myself and that makes me feel confident. Thanks to hubby, you're the sweetest man ever!

So, will you just let the chances passed of wearing a bikini and be a kill-joy? Why don't you also plunge and join the crowd? 

Are you ready to look confidently fab and sexy in the beach?

I am flat-chested and my body-type is Banana-shaped or straight (rectangular). It is very important to know your body shape first before buying a bathing suit/ bikini. Since I'm not blessed with a well-endowed chest, I will make the attention draw away from my flaws.

Whenever I buy my bikinis, I always see to it that it fits me right. I also made sure that the fitting room is well-secure, have a wood door that has a lock inside and not only a curtain. I will feel secure and not worrying, and then I can focus in fitting my bikini very well. Agree? Somebody might accidentally open the curtain just like that and your moment is ruined. Lols!

I chose a bikini that are halter and have a horizontal stripes, a floral designs, and bright colors and of course, tie sides. It will make my chest look bigger and as well as my hips to look wider. With this design, the illusion of narrow waist and curves are created. I do also have bandeau bikinis. But a-ah, if you wear bandeau, make sure it has a strap around your neck because if it's strapless, oh good luck! I mean, it might slide down because your chest lacks tissue and that cannot guarantee the bandeau to hold at its still position all the time.

Accessories can help you with your flaws to look unnoticeable.

1. Sunglasses. Do I still need to say this? The heat can sometimes be blinding especially when you're at the beach and the sun is at its intense; it could hurt your eyes and sometimes, it will cause migraine. Sunglasses can help you see the surroundings clearly. Would you want to add another thing to worry about aside from your bikini when you're already in the public? So, do not forget your sunglasses.

2. Necklaces. I'm talking about something that you can wear on the beach that will help to cover your flaws and not about gold or silver or anything metals. Get it? I am flat-chested so I don't have a cleavage to show. I'd rather cover it up than to get others attention. They might say why the hell I don't have a cleavage?! So, I used a necklace as my beach accessory which I can soak to water also.
This necklace is made of bamboo.

3. Cover-ups. When anxiety attacks, you can always count on with your cover-ups. A cover-up is something that you can put on over your bikini to slightly hide your flaws. There are so many kinds of cover-ups. In the beach, the famous is sarong. But there are cover-ups with many kinds of design; chic and sexy.
Loose sleeveless or t-shirts (should be white) which I take off when I swim and put on when I finished swimming. 

There is a stretchable net that will make you feel sexy even without taking it off. You can choose a net with half-thigh length or you may opt for bottom part only. I have tried swimming with the yellow net on but the black net pants didn't work for me.

Linen pants. Linen is perfect for summer season and it is so far my favorite. It is cool and comfortable to wear especially when you're in the beach. It is thinner and light-weight. I like this because it is easy to clean when the sand sticks to the pants, you can just easily shake it off. When its get wet, it also easily dried up in a couple of minutes.

Try a short skirt that has a tie so you can adjust it.

Try a scarf. You can wrap it on your hips and tie one side or you can use it as protection also from the heat. In my case, I used it also to cover my shoulder and arms at times that I can't bear with the heat.

4. Beach bag. For us girls, bag is a must. Of course, aside from your purse, you should have a beach bag. A bag that you will carry when you hit the beach or lounge in the pool or if you just want to take a walk along by the beach and do sight-seeing. You can always put your cover-ups in your bag. Thinking of having it in your bag can make the anxiety attacks away because you're confident you can just pull it out anytime. Make sure it's sturdy to carry the weight of the bag's content.
In that bag, I put my sunglasses, sunblock lotion, hat, camera or cellphone, towel, cover-ups, etc.

The weather is unpredictable. When you're in the beach, it could rain all of a sudden even if it's sunny. When I just want to look around and walk along by the beach, I still wear a bikini with a beach dress on top of it. So when I feel the urge to swim, I am ready anytime.
Make sure your beach dress is thin and light weight.

I usually hit the beach at 6:00 am because it isn't that hot yet and there are very few people around because most of them are still asleep. I walk with my bikini on along the beach with my hubby. I swim, dip, do back strokes, soak and sun bathe for all I care. You will feel good about yourself and feel confident. When the sun is already high, you will notice the people start to flock in the beach. By then, I already have the confidence to go up from the water back & forth.

Observe the surroundings. Look around with your friends or the crowd. I'm sure they also have figure flaws they are dealing with just like you. A belly is the #1 flaws you will find in a woman and it is pretty normal; its part of your life. A big bust is also an issue to some women, so I stopped thinking about my small bust and just think I'm lucky enough. Do not think that they are looking at your body all the time. If you have notice they did; just shrugged it off. What can you do? They aren't blind anyway so they can see you. It's normal they would look but that's it; it will probably just a glance.

Bear this in mind; people at the beach are busy taking pictures of themselves or with their group. They are occupied with the thinking that they are there to enjoy the beach just like you and not to think anything else non-sense. They are busy in swimming, socializing, eating, drinking, having a sun bathe, taking souvenir photos and other girls are worrying about their own figure flaws and they're not thinking about yours.

So, just enjoy the beach by lounging in the beach beds provided by your hotel or if there's none, you can always bring a towel and lay down in the sand. Relax and stop thinking about your bikini.

Hope you find this post helpful..


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  4. It's a good thing that you have the confidence now!!! I hope I'll have the guts too when I grew older. At ang sweet ng hubby mo! :)

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  34. I so feel the summer now with this post! oh and with the weather too!
    I am raised here in Manila and even I do, I still don't have the guts before, I am so insecure with my body too... Like how skinny and flat chested I am, but I had a bestfriend in high school who is so much thinner than I do, and she is so confident and she stands tall.. I love her because of that and she was able to gave me confident :)

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