Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: AHAVA Hand & Foot Cream

Hi everyone! Today, I am posting a review for this particular product which I believe one of the expensive hand and foot creams out there. I'd set one week on trying this product and I think I've had enough to say for a review. Honestly, I still have Dove Beauty Cream and Dove Intensive-Moisturizing Cream sent to us by my brother working abroad. Since I still have a lot, sometimes it makes me just lazy to use them.

I am not that fond of creams especially hand & foot creams. I am contented with a body lotion that I use everyday after bath and sometimes if I get miraculously diligent, I gave my feet a quick foot scrub done at home by myself.

Months ago, my client gave me a present when he got back from Israel. It's AHAVA. He said that AHAVA's main ingredient is the Dead Sea Minerals. He even asked me if I know or heard about it. I honestly said no. So, he said that they have in Israel that kind of sea - a Dead Sea. He said that Dead Sea is the lowest surface on earth. I was just listening to him and that term: "lowest surface on earth" really gotten into my mind. When I got home, I goggled Dead Sea. And yeah, whatever my client have told me are all true. Please click here for Dead Sea wiki.

Moving on, I got very excited and was very thankful for the present. I heard that AHAVA is the brand usually used in spas. Also I know that the prices of AHAVA products are real steep. If I'm not wrong, their hand & foot creams costs nearly a thousand pesos more or less for a tube of 100 ml. from our local malls.

AHAVA Leave-on Dead Sea Mud Duo
Dermud Intensive Hand & Foot Cream

Excuse my ignorance but I just knew about these Dead Sea minerals when I finally have AHAVA on hand. I got very curious about it and here's more info about Dead Sea minerals from AHAVA website.

It is plain cream color when I squeezed it out from the tube.

I first tried their hand cream.

I put on the product that I've squeezed-out from the tube.

I applied it on my left hand only just like a regular lotion. Oh my gosh! It is creamy and richly concentrated. A little amount goes a long way. 

The AHAVA hand cream absorbs quickly and completely well on my skin in just seconds right after I have evenly applied it onto my hand. It feels so light-weight. Yes, it is not heavy unlike the other creams when applied. It's not greasy or sticky at all. I love it! 

I noticed that my hand looked like it's sweating but when I touch it; it was just silky-smooth. I hope the photo above can justify it. Can you see it gives my hand looking silky? In person, it looks real silky. I can't help but pinched my own hand. Lols! 

The scent is very nice, too. Though I really cannot explain how the scent is but the scent reminds me of Johnsons&Johnsons body talc powder. When I washed my hand after an hours, my hand was still soft. It just proves that the product absorbed deeply onto my skin that it will not gone just easily. Oh well, quality really has a price!

Then, I tried their foot cream.

I squeezed-out from the tube a little more amount. Of course, my feet is 10 times disastrous than my hand. Lols! 

As the product's direction said, I massaged the foot cream on my feet until it fully absorbs. I focused on my heels down to my soles and in-between of my toes. 

I noticed that the foot cream is richer and creamier or is it just because I applied a generous amount? It was just a minute when the product totally absorbs onto my skin, then I stopped massaging it. I did feel a little weight on my feet but it slowly faded away. I felt the same light-weight effect after a couple of minutes. My heels are so soft and very smooth to touch. Definitely the same effect I had with their hand cream.

If you look at it very closely, it leaves my foot looking silky, too. 

My feet feel rejuvenated!

My initial application of the foot cream was during the night and I have it washed midday of the next day. It was still soft even after wash. 

Now, I discovered another alternative for my foot spa. Our feet worked hard all day long so it really deserves pampering. If I need to relax my feet in an instant without doing the very tiring procedures from soaking my feet up to last step of moisturizing it; a tube of AHAVA foot cream will save me. But if I need an extra pampering for my feet, I would still do the process especially the exfoliating like getting rid of my calluses. 

Until my next post beauties.



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