Friday, December 30, 2011

Tutorial: Simple Everyday Make-Up

I posted the other day the ways on how I wore my basic white top and I came up with a simple make-up also to match with my outfit. Today, I am going to share with you the make-up tutorial on how I came up with this look. I actually just used two (2) color of eye shadows (a lighter shade and a dark shade) in this tutorial to justify the post title about a simple make-up.
A Simple Make-Up

Here are some products I've used in achieving this look. 

The step-by-step instructions:
Step #1. I skip with the moisturizer because I used my Etude House BB Cream in Refreshing. I squeezed out from the tube a small amount only and using my slanted foundation brush, I applied it evenly onto my face.

Step #2. I set my BB Cream by applying my IN2IT two-way foundation over it using my powder brush.

Step #3. Eyelids!
Apply the similar eye shadow color you have (it's like a mix of green & gray) using any small eye brush from the outer to the inner 3rds of your lower lash line.

Step #4. Crease!
Apply also any very dark brown eye shadow you have (provided it is matte) using a bullet brush from the outer to the inner 3rds of your lower lash line.

Step #5. Blend! Blend! Blend!

Step #6. Brow bone!

Step #7. Eye brows!

Step #8. Lash line!

Step #9. Contour!
Then, bring it up by stroking at the sides of your face to create shadow that will give an illusion of slim face.. I also contoured my nose using a big eye shadow brush. Do not forget your jaw line also. To make it more natural, I stroke the remaining product in the brush lightly on my cheeks.

Step #10. Blush!

Step #11. I applied a very small amount of champagne eye shadow mixed with a Stila in Moonlight eye shadow onto the corner of my eyes to make my eyes pop more and to make my face look even brighter. 

Step #12. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. I used Maybelline Volum Express.

Step #13. Lips!

And you're done! Here are some bonus photos before I get my hair curled and get ready for the photo shoot with my hubby.

This make-up is perfect for an everyday wear to work. Skip the contouring and bronzing steps, I really find this make-up look just so quick and easy to do. Talk about NARCISSISM, I hope I didn't get you bored with all my faces. 

I hope you find my make-up tutorial helpful.


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