Friday, January 20, 2012

Look of the Day: A hint of Tangerine

Hey guys! One fine Sunday, I and hubby spent our afternoon in Fort Bonifacio. This time, we spent most of our time walking down along the clean streets of Global City. Since it was weekend and there were no many people around the streets (except in Bonifacio High Streets); we thought of a quick photo shoot. 

This is what I wore.

The color of the 2012 is Tangerine; an orange. This color is seductive and dramatic. I was happy to know that I already have a tangerine purse (circa 2010); it means I am in! Yey!

My black top is actually a top with so many styles. I can style it in 4 ways.

To play safe with my tangerine bag, I opted to wear a basic solid color for my top & bottom. I was afraid to wear something with some bright colors because I don't want to end up looking like a clown. I added a thin orange belt to match my purse.

I paired it with a black wedge shoes.


One of the things that hubby learned in photography is how to hide woman's flaws during the photo shoot. Let's admit it; we really hate it when our arms and tummy looked big in the photos. My very first and main flaw is my big arm; he directed me all what to do to make it look slimmer. 

That's it. Until my next post.



  1. oh my, taga BGC ka din. im just here sa NetCube! =)

  2. ^ Chyng, sa Net Cube ka pala malapit sa St.Lukes. Malay mo we'll bump with each other sometime..

  3. following back girl! :)


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