Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tutorial: Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Who have watched Disney on Ice at Araneta? 

No, I wasn't able to watch it but I've seen Minnie and Mickey Mouse on television promoting their Disney on Ice show at Araneta. No, not real, of course but a mascot. I find Minnie so cute and pretty! I felt I'm a kid again when I saw them. 

Because of that, I got inspired to make a nail art tutorial inspired by Minnie Mouse. I actually made this nail art last 2011 (oh how time flies so fast; its 2012 now) before Christmas for welcoming New Year. Minnie Mouse dress is a red polka dot; just so perfect for our New Year custom to wear something with rounded shapes, right? And so are my nails. Yay! 

I've already seen cutepolish' Minnie Mouse tutorial some months ago in YouTube, that's why I immediately search cutepolish tutorial and I recreated it.

Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Materials & Tools Needed:
1. Any Red polish - regular or frosted;
2. White regular polish;
3. Black regular polish;
4. Any dotting tool or toothpick;
5. Old CD;
6. Colorless polish; 
7. Top coat; &
8. Scotch tape.

So, let's get started.

Step #1. Cut the scotch tape into pieces sized enough for your nails. 
Step #2. Then, tape it onto your nail just above 1/4 part from your nail tip.
Step #3. Take your red polish and fill-in the tip to create a French tip.
It is okay if you've applied it messy, you can always clean the edges later.

Step #4. When the red polish dries up already, slowly take the scotch tape off from the nails.
See the very sharp French tip? Pretty easy, huh? You can actually put on your favorite top coat on this and you're done. But if you want to feel like a kid like me, just go ahead with the next steps.

Step #5. Put some polish onto your old CD and prepare your toothpick.

Step #6. Dip the toothpick in the regular white polish and dot it onto the French tip you made.
Yey! I'm nearly done with Minnie's very cute dress!

Step #7. Then, clean out the edge of the toothpick to make it sharper again or better if you take a new toothpick. Dip the toothpick in a regular black polish and create a bow on top of your French tip. Let it dry.
First, make a dot a bit bigger than your white dots. Then, create a triangle shape each side of the black dots to create a bow. To make it recognizable, the bow is better in Black color though Minnie's bow is the same with her dress.

Step #8. Apply the colorless polish onto nails. After it gets dry, apply your favorite top coat.
And you're done!

Yey! I got Minnie with me when I welcomed New Year 2012. Did you enjoy doing this nail art? I really do!

Happy New Year!


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