Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Love Unique Pieces...

After celebrating Father's Day with my in-laws last week, this thing caught me while doing window shopping. I find it so fierce and was annoyed by its design. But after 3-days, I stumbled on a website that sells accessories. It was an international online store (I forgot) and this exact design is being sold there at 3.99 USD. So expensive!

And I also found out how it is to be worn. It is an unusual earring and I find it really, really cool. Agree?

I love unique pieces.

Snake earring : Php50.00 (1-pc.)
Vintage Bracelet: Php50.00

Today, after sweating-out playing badminton with my hubby and in-laws, I dropped by at the store in Ali Mall where I've seen it - the CINDY CAROL store (in front of Jollibee inside Ali-Mall). I finally bought one and I bought also a vintage cast bracelet. There are many accessories that you can find in the store. 


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