Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Winner of IamJenniya's ROM for May

I apologize for the late announcement of IamJenniya's Reader of the Month for May. I am very busy working, actually until now. These past few weeks, I've been working on a deal that really needs my attention. That explains why I do not have beauty related posts such as reviews and nail posts. That kind of posts needs time to draft and of course, I have to edit and watermark the pictures. I was only able to post Romwe's activity because those posts are very easy to draft like 1, 2, 3. By the way, were you able to grab the latest Romwe sale? If you haven't, click here.

Moving on, I really appreciate all who have dropped love on my posts. It bring happiness every time I saw comments waiting for my approval and believe me, it made me smile once I read it and I felt relieve when I hit "publish". I don't know why but it really feels great to know there are people reading my blog.

Applause to IamJenniya's Reader Of the Month for May...

You won these goodies:

Congratulations Tin!
Please hit the "Contact" button below my header and send me your shipping details. 

Again, I thank all my readers especially those who leave sweet and sensible comments on my posts. I hope you will still continue to support my blog. 

Meantime, I will temporarily stop IamJenniya's ROM activity this June because I guess I lack of local readers based on May activity. Yes, having this activity is a way of reaching and thanking my readers for leaving love on my posts. I get to gain new readers as well. If they leave some comments, I get to know them, too. So, for this month I will see the flow of comments especially from my local readers. Who knows I'll pick you for a surprise prize waiting at the end of the month. :)

Stay tuned lovelies.


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  1. lovely post dear. and thanks
    so much for dropping by in my blog.
    Stay in touch. xoxo

    check out my new post,

  2. Congratulation for the winner. It's a Great Prize

  3. Great post, congrats to the winner!


  4. OMG! Thank you so much Ate Jen! :)))
    I can't believe I won these awesome prizes!Yehey!
    Congratulations to the success of the giveaway Ate Jen and to your awesome blog as well. <3
    Thanks a lot..Abot tenga yata smile ko weehhh.. ^.^
    I'm sending you my shipping details now Ate Jen..

    love lots,


  5. Oh, but even without your ROM ATe Jen your blog is always worth reading..Somebody will always learn and discover something new when they read it.I'm so glad to have followed you.
    Your blog is a must follow, everyone one will be lucky to visit your blog.

    love lots,


  6. Congrats Tin~ :) Well deserved ^_^

    1. Thanks a lot Ate!! :)) natakdan ko's sa imung luck Ate hehee

  7. Very nice! congrats to the winner!


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