Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to wear vertical stripes?

Along with the blue stripes shirt Zaful sent me, I also got this classic vertical stripes with pocket blouse. Hmm.. I am really into stripes. Haha! I already gave tips on wearing horizontal stripes, so now allow me to give tips again on how to wear vertical stripes. Who wants to look thinner; just raise your hands-up!

Zaful Vertical Stripes blouse (get it here) / UNIQLO Jegging Pants / Chanel Bag / Sole Desire shoes (People Are People) / Penshoppe silver slim belt / SM Accessories black ring ]

The key to wearing stripes is to pair it with a solid color. It is not overwhelming; you'll surely in a safe side on that. Some are mixing stripes with other prints like floral. Well, this is kind of risky to pull but hey, good luck! Moving on, look at my shirt, a vertically white & black stripe looks great with white or black pants. I chose to pair it with my favorite black jeggings since the purpose is to look thinner; black is always a savior when that dilemma attacks. And if you're sporting a striped skirt or pants, then wear a solid-colored tee; as simple as that. Another tip is go for a V-neck shirt/ blouse. It creates an illusion of longer neck, thus your body will look elongated.

This vertical stripes blouse is a round neck but I fold an inch of the collar hem so I created a V-neckline as seen on the pictures. This blouse is bigger than I expected. When I ordered a medium size, Zaful emailed me that medium is out of stock, so I picked size small instead. When the item finally arrived, I was surprised how big this blouse is. It's a blessing in disguise that my size was out of stock or else I'll just wear it when I sleep like a PJ. Lol! I think the design of this is intended to be very loose. I can wear it as long sleeve or a quarter rolled up sleeves. By the way, have you gone shopping at Zaful yet? 

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  1. lovely outfit !
    visit my blog :

  2. And this is why I love wearing stripes! :D

    - Steph of

  3. Those shoes are amazing!



  4. Love the look
    so pretty

  5. lovely outfit, love the heels <3

  6. really nice outfit, like it a lot! Following your blog via bloglovin, hope you'll check out mine :)

  7. I want to look thin too. Will follow uour tips.. Jeggins with vertical strip.. I love my black jeggings too..
    The shirt looks so pretty...
    Keep in touch,

  8. Oh im loving this monochrome look.


  9. Love the vertical stripes and the juxtaposition of the horizontal ones on the pocket. Amazing shoes, too!


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  11. interesting tips, thanks for sharing!

  12. I love how you paired it

  13. Hi Jenniya!
    It is so lovely! Great Look!
    Kisses from Germany- Anna

  14. Superb outfit love these colors.

  15. This shirt (and those stripes) looks amazing on you! I nearly bought a shirt like this myself recently but decided that I had too many striped items- but you are making me reconsider that decision haha!

    xx Debbie

  16. The stripes both ways on the top is so cool and you look just so lovely with that smile. And thank you so much for those shots from behind, dear. I am not a big fan of pants but those 2 shots may make me reconsider :) Wow!

  17. gorgeous outfit!
    love the shirt

  18. I love your outfit and the bag is WOW!!

  19. Great idea to wear stripes in this way!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  20. Love stripes, love black and white. Perfect

  21. Wonderful, Beautiful pink lips, Lovely black and white striped top. Looking like a Vogue Model!

  22. Awwww, so chic!

    Everything is so beautiful - the bag, blouse ^_^

    Many kisses,


  23. U are looking so beautiful and this is a well coordinated style :)

  24. Very beautiful dear and this is a very well coordinated style :)


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