Friday, September 20, 2013

NOTD: Rosy Glow Hearts

Guess I miss doing nail art so much! Remember this post? Yup! I have grown my nails long enough and I already tried the Konad plate sent me. They sent me the Konad Plate M93 and guess what pattern I did try on first? 

I thought of something sweet that day so I settle for something pink and with hearts. I chose the drop hearts from the 4 patterns. Now, let's do it.


1.) Get any plum, mauve, light pink colors as your base color. You can use any colors that you want though but since I chose the drop hearts, I think it is perfect for pink colors. You should have a Konad Stamping nail art to do the procedure, of course. If you haven't ,you can get your set at

2.) Apply the Rosy Glow (Regular) onto nails and wait until it dries.

3.) Load the Konad special polish onto image. I just load it half of the pattern. Then, scrape it. Now you got the idea why I only load half because the polish will get scraped forward and filled the rest. Clever eh? Oh my special polish is hitting the bottom empty anytime, that's why. Haha!

4.) Get the stamper and press it down to the plate to get the image. Quickly, press it onto your nails carefully in one pass.

5.) That's it! Clean the excess outside your nails using a Q-tip soaked in Nail polish remover. Wait for the special polish to fully dry before topping it off with a top coat. Please do not hurry to apply top coats because it will ruin your nail art. Be patient to wait until it fully dries. Leave it an hour of drying.

I like the end result of my nail art. It looks fun and sweet. Agree? By the way, the 4 patterns in m93 plate are 1.4 X 2.0 cm. Remember that I mentioned from my previous post that I will let my nails grow a bit longer? I had it grown up to 1.8 cm and guess what? It was difficult to stamp the image onto my nails because I just realized that nail tips curve as it grow longer. So when I stamped the first time; it was a total fail. The top cuticle and the nail tip was a mess because the image didn't adhere onto that part of my nails since the surface is not flat. Obviously my nail art is not a good job done but at least I learned from it. I think the stamping nail art is best to use in a 1.3 cm nail size. Anyway, after a week of doing this nail art, I tried another pattern with a shorter nails and based in my own experience; nails were flatten when pressed with stamper and the image transfer onto nails at its good form and not a mess.

I hope you enjoy my nail art tutorial and learned some tips. Until next time.

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  1. Omg they look so awesome*_*
    Love your Blog!
    Have a look:)
    Love, Matea and Vera

  2. That's so nice !

  3. Ooooohhhh! So nice!!! I love your nails!!!! :)
    Nice weekend!!!

  4. This is soooo cool !
    your nails turned out great.

  5. Very nice nails!! But it looks like it's difficult to do this :))

  6. Wow! This is great! Beautiful effect♥

  7. That looks great! Always wanted to try it since it come out, but never bought it XD

  8. beautiful nail polish

  9. I love that pastel pink and the design just makes it even better, very nice tutorial. I wish I had the patience to do something like that lol.

  10. aww, so beuatiful ^_^



  11. Wow amazing nail art design. The kit made ut easy , i am going to check out this store..
    Keep in touch,

  12. This is very cool :)

  13. I love that pattern! xoxo

  14. Looks beautiful hun, a really creative idea!

  15. Your so beautiful darling :P
    I loved the prints, so helpful :) xx#
    Marlene xo

  16. Aww, they're simply adorable! :) They turned out really cute.

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  17. this is nice! i like the design jenniya :)

  18. WOW! This is sooooo cool Ms. Jenniya! I love it! What an adorable design! ^^

  19. That looks so awesome and pretty!
    I wish i had the tools to do my nails like that >.<
    I thought they were nail stickers at the start ahh :P
    Following you're awesome blog now hehe



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