Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bandage Dress, Udobuy Design

Bandage Dress. I am so glad you were created. For without you, I cannot boost my confidence. With your tight-fitting strips, you suck in my bulges creating smooth curves in right places. My body is in the stage now of widening and bulges are starting to show off but bandage dress saves me just like that. Blame it to the nature of my work where my ass glued to the chair for 7-8 hours. Okay, I lack of exercise. Okay, I really do not exercise (lol!) and I know it's unhealthy. That's the truth. Regret is sinking in every time I see the middle part of my body. If only I did something blah blah blah and so on. 

Now, I can flaunt my body without hesitations but with confidence. With your strips of fabric that sewn together or a little wide strips shaped like a bandage; my desired parts of body that needs to smoothed out is just as easy. You are snug but I like it; just so right. Just get your right size and all is well.

You are so popular now especially to the girls. Because of that, there are lots of stores which offer bandage dresses and one of them is that happened to be one of my favorite online stores. Not only that I find their items a lot classier; theirs are really quality and I can attest to that. Now, Udobuy design bandage dresses. How cool is that? My next purchase of bandage dress would be one of the following:

White is simple. What this simple piece stand-out is the mesh nude line design. I am not blessed in the chest department so a little hint of skin to show is enough to turn heads. Agree?

The zipper design in front defines sexy. I love its halter design. Pull the zipper down a little to reveal a shallow or deep cleavage; your choice. And oh, this is on promotional price of $27 only! So, what are you waiting for? Shop now lovelies!

Well, someday I'm going wear this thing with that deep cut in front; in my dreams. I really love this especially that it's black.

Do I need say more? This neon yellow is popping like forever. The long sleeve design makes this bandage dress wearable for office, too. What do you think?

The design of black lines inverting looks pleasing in my eyes. It creates a narrow waistline. Agree?

I will never get tired of black and white combo in an outfit. It is classic. I love the cut-out on the shoulders. 

The gold baroque prints made this dress look classy. Surely, you can't go wrong with gold, white and black combo. The black peek-a-boo on the waist and shoulder will make your body look leaner.

One of my favorite combo; yellow and black. The curved design of each color creates an effortless look of slim and curvy body. So if you have a Banana-shaped body like me, then, get this design for only $69! Yes, it's on sale!

I am not really fond of blues but this one is exceptional though because the nude color balanced-out the primary hue. Plus, the design embellished with sequins appeal to me most.

I don't know but there's something about mesh that I easily get attracted. Maybe because of its simple way of showing off a bit of my skin in a most decent way? Haha. The mesh design on the chest and in the hem of the dress is what I like most in this dress. Do you like it, too?

The print on the dress screaming summer; that's why I like it. I think this is my far most favorite out of all these bandage dresses because it looks versatile. It can be worn as casual, semi-formal or corporate attire; just thrown on a blazer and you're good to go. What do you think?

Bandage Skirt! Yes, not only Bandage Dress but Bandage Skirt was also created. I love this print - geometric. This skirt has a lot of pairing in terms of outfit. A lot of outfit ideas have popped out on my mind. 

So, what dress you think would suits me best? There are more choices HERE if you'd like to see more. Don't forget to check out

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  1. Some of these dresses are so gorgeous but waaay out of my budget ! ahah

  2. I love bandage dresses, seriously, best thing ever!
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  3. Very sexy dresses, we love the tropical one!

  4. I think Udobuy has best collection of bandage dresses, I loved the first one
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  5. These are absolutely beautiful but I don't know how good they would look on me. Your shape has to be practically perfect

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  6. These are gorgeous! I love the lines and colors. Very bold!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. they look gorgeous on their own dress!

    thanks for visiting my blog dear :)
    keep in touch !

  8. I like them all
    they r so beautiful

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    What a nice blog. do you wanna follow each other?

  10. I love them all
    they r so beautiful

  11. These are amazing!
    Love the first one!


  12. these dresses are super pretty. i wish i can wear fitted dresses but i'm not that femenine and i'm not thin enough to pull them off haha..

    xo, Carla

  13. I love, i follow you, follow me?
    Tengo un sorteo si te apetece :)

  14. Love the flower strap one! :) And the others are pretty cool to.

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  15. the first dress is to die for! :)
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  17. beautiful dresses!!!!


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