Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SHEIN Publish Program

Hello lovelies! First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank my readers and fellow bloggers for supporting my blog. I am grateful you keep coming back to see what's new and what worthy stuffs I have to offer every now and then. If you are a fellow blogger, then you must know the feeling to see your blog growing in terms of reach; it's so inspiring! So now, I would like to ask: are you already a member of SHEINSIDE Publish Program? If you aren't yet, why don't you join first by signing-up here. Then, please sit tight and read below as I will share to you my exciting experience on joining the program. 

I joined last week, 9th July and that's already 14 days to be exact today. Yeah, you read it right; I am a new in the program. Honestly, I was convinced to join because, first reason, I am a fan of SHEINSIDE products. Do I need to pinpoint each of the lovely products? Second, it is because of the higher commissions they offer and there's an extra $15 Bonus. So, there I was sold. 

Above image is a screenshot of my account at Sheinside Publish Program. In 12 days, my total commission is $38.19 and I just started last 9th July. I don't want to sound bragging but whatever lovelies; my fellow bloggers surely understand the feeling. I know you'll gonna ask what did I do to earn the commission in that short span of time. Just like we usually do, I just simply write a blog post. The blog post is about the current promotion that SHEINSIDE Publish Program is having. You can find it in the account as they regularly put the latest promotions to be shared to the readers. I tell you, it is so easy because they provide every information you'll need. After I write the blog post, I also share it via my other social media platforms to get more traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube, etc. You can also get more traffic by directly sharing the products.

Above image is a screenshot again of my account in Sheinside Publish Program. Take note that I published two (2) blog posts last 10th & 15th July and that made me earn a total of $30 extra Bonus yet. It's just mid-month now so I'm sure they will have more upcoming promotion before July ends. Writing about the promotion will always get approval from Sheinside though because they have some requirement for you to meet for every blog post but worry not because it's so easy as 1, 2, 3; I guarantee you that. :-) Samples of blog posts are something like this post and this post. Easy right?

Above image is another screenshot of my account indicating that I made a sale on 15th July. Whoah! Not bad for a newbie in the program, right? This inspires me a lot to share beautiful and worthy stuffs in my blog. I hope you find my experience worth reading and I hope I awaken your interest to be part of Sheinside Publish Program. Are you ready to join now? Click HERE and earn an initial $10 by sharing your experience as a member. Good luck!



  1. Thanks for sharing Jenniya, it's great that you have such good experience so far.

  2. wow ate Jen! i love it! Ikaw na talaga!

  3. Great post!

  4. I love being a SheInside Publish Program member :-) I get to buy all the clothes I want at SheInside from my earnings/commissions :-)


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