Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Evening Dresses That Suits My Body

Honestly, I'm into casual look most of the time. So, when times that I get invited to a wedding, debut or an occasion that requires evening dresses, I can't help myself but panic, at first. Lol! Obviously, these are the times that I spent a lot of time preparing and spent some of my saved cash for the outfit. Well, every body wants to look good at their best, so do I. 

In that few times of being invited, I can say I learned a lot on how to look good in an evening outfit. The main key is you have to know your body shape. There are four body shapes: banana (straight/ athletic), pear (bottom heavy), apple (top heavy) & hour-glass (proportioned top & heavy). Obviously, my body shape fall on Banana; a straight, flat-chested with narrow hips and undefined waist. But there is always a solution for every problem, right? Like I have mentioned, you gotta know your body shape and every thing will fall into place, believe me. 

The dress  that will suit my body shape are the A-line or the Empire cut. Below are some  dresses that I browsed from the prom dresses 2014.

A-line Strapless Sleeveless Beaded Chiffon Amazing Long Prom Dresses/ Evening Dress 2014 UK (link here

A-line High-neck Sleevess Chiffon Red Beautiful Long Prom Dresses/ Evening Dresses 2014 UK (link here)

A-line Bateau Sleeveless Tulle Champagne Amazing Long Dresses/ Evening Dresses 2014 UK (link here)

As you can see, A-line dresses will define your waist and creates an illusion of curved hips because of the fabric from the waist that flares down. 

Then, I can opt to wear an Empire dress, too, if I want to fake that I am blessed in the chest department. Lol! Empire cut tends to focus on the chest; more embellished, sequined and more fabric is topped over. Then, it also hides your undefined waist because the flare of the dress starts above your waist or just below your chest.

Empire Sweetheart Sleeveless Beaded Red Chiffon Classic Long Prom Dresses/ Evening Dresses 2014 UK (link here)

Empire Strapless Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon Royal Blue Glitter Prom Dresses/ Evening Dresses 2014 UK (link here)

Empire Strapless Long Chiffon Unique Prom Dresses/ Evening Dress 2014 UK (link here)

Attending an occassion that requires long dresses such as evening dresses & long prom dresses is quite a challenge for me every time. Of course, it's a hard-earned money and nobody wants their money go to waste, right? That's why, I always spend time to research online before I purchase one because there are shops that aims to provide you reasonable prices and won't hurt your pocket but will never compromise the design and quality of the dress like Aviva Dress.



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  5. wow! my favorite is this one A-line High-neck Sleevess Chiffon Red Beautiful Long Prom Dresses/ Evening Dresses 2014 UK (link here)
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