Thursday, November 20, 2014

Casual & Work Attire from ZALORA

The one good thing about freelance working is that you can wear anything you like without worrying of dress codes a company impose. The nature of my work now doesn't require anything that I won't like wearing. I can wear any provided it is decent and presentable to every clien'ts eye. Something that is not offending and that respect shall never be at bay. In short, appropriate clothing. Though I manage my own time for work, I am still not exempted to get so busy. It is unpredictable believe me. Sometimes, I just don't have time to go the mall and personally browse every aisle of clothing. That's why, I gave in to take a look at Zalora Philippines. I heard they carry a lot of brands and reviews are good. 

A tank top, blazer, long sleeve and collared top are the ones you will see in my closet. Well, I think these are the most likely girls are wearing - a smart casual attire for work. We all know that Black & White are always been the safest color. Next are the Neutrals. If you want to play with bright colors, make sure it's your belt or shoes or purse and not your top and bottom clothing. You wouldn't want to be an eye sore, don't you?


I am fond of wearing mini dresses but not the ones that will draw attention and looks disgusting. A mini-dress with collars appeal to me much or the ones with high neckline or long sleeve. I find these kind of mini-dresses a sexy casual in a way that you don't look slutty. You know what I mean. It's a great shift on wearing these on weekends from your corporate look. I'd rather call it my off-duty look. These are just a few from their list. You can visit Zalora to view the latest collection of Mango.




  1. Love these styles. That camel dress is perfection!

  2. so many nice stuff here!

  3. gorgeous! such chic pieces

  4. love the floral dress and the blazer.

  5. These look beautiful, perfect for work :) xx


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