Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hooded Sweatshirts from Ericdress

Hello lovelies! Have you read my post about Autumn Outfit here? Well, this is the continuation of my story about the upcoming trip to the City of Pines. Of course, hooded sweatshirts are on the list to wear and I'm quite excited about it. Hooded sweatshirts are fun and effortlessly stylish. You just put it on and you're ready to go. So cool eh? I am looking forward to wear the hooded ones that I am eyeing from EricdressThis online store has really  a wide selection of apparels. Anyway, so these sweatshirts will instantly make you look young. I don't know about you but every time I wear like these, I can't help but feel like my teenage and early 20's age. Haha! So carefree and there's no serious matters to think about. You know what I mean? A fuss free mood. 

There are so much more choices of hooded sweatshirts but these top 4 design and style appeals the best to me. I love the third one with print "Life is Voyage 5". The oversize style and the statement is so quirky. My second fave is the plain white hooded sweatshirt. I find it very neat and look very soft. What do you think? 



  1. such nice sweatshirts, look so cosy and warm
    Keep in touch

  2. Perfect clothes for sunday, we love comfy clothes!!!



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