Thursday, November 13, 2014

Human Hair Wigs

I've been maintaining my long hair for over a decade already ever since hair rebonding became a solution if you want a straight and thinner hair instantly. I am not saying I am getting tired of my straight hair but there are times I thought of chopping off my locks. I wonder how I'd look like and I am a bit scared to even try. I remember the last time I had my hair chopped in shoulder level was back in my college days. I love having a shoulder length hair then. So, I was thinking if I'd still be looking like a college girl if I'd try that length now. It is very hard to decide when it comes to our hair. Agree ladies? Chopping off your chair is not an overnight decision except if you're heartbroken as they usually say whenever a girl suddenly chopped off her hair. Lol!

So, I came to an idea to try Cheap Long Human Hair Wigs. Since I am currently have a long hair now, I thought of trying a long wavy hair wig to see if it suits me for a quick change of look. 

I am also jealous of those girls with short hair. Some really suits them and it gives an instant sophisticated look. When I search for Medium Length Shag Hairstyles over the internet, the ones at Wigsbuy came on the list first. I enjoyed browsing the hair wigs and I even considering now bob style when I saw the various Choppy Bob Hairstyles 2014. Well, I have nothing to regret of because I don't need an actual haircut. I can imagine myself in bob hairstyle and wearing a crisp suit looking all-business. Yeah, I should have one of these hair wigs. What do you think? Have you tried hair wigs?



  1. such beautiful natural looking wigs
    keep in touch

  2. Love the first one!

  3. Beautiful!


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