Saturday, November 8, 2014

NEW-IN ITEMS: Vest & Ripped Shorts from Shein

Hello lovelies! I feel so guilty of not posting outfit posts. Every time I got mail from my sponsors, it reminds me that I seriously have to find time to document a look. But believe me lovelies, I freakin' miss to take outfit shots. It just that I'm so busy with work. Hopefully, I can do it by the weekend and next week would there would be a brand new posts. So please stay tuned. Anyway, take a look of these items Sheinside sent me. I really love the printed words designed vest and the ripped white shorts! 



  1. That top is so fun!


  2. I nominated you for an award dear! <3 You can view it here !

    Yes, I did wake up like this. :P Love that top!


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