Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pretty & Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

It made me smile and sigh how time flies and evolves. Nowadays, everything is just a click away if you need something from head to toe. Life gets easier and I love every single day of it. Nowadays, you can lessen the stress and pressure in preparation of getting married because you can do some online like choosing your wedding dress. Every couple who will get married set a budget for everything but the wedding dress shouldn't be compromised. If you want Pretty Wedding Dresses that won't hurt your pocket, you might want to check this >>

This dress speaks elegance. If I have to choose upon a row of wedding dresses in a second, I will pick this. This dress has all the qualities I'm looking for: a little bit of off-shoulder, wrap-dress, and A-line cut.

If you don't like to wear a traditional white wedding dress, you can always choose another color you desire. I have seen a few who wore a red wedding dress and a scary black wedding dress in their big day. Honestly, I don't like the red nor the black, I find it so blunt and loud. I still want the touch of softness, feminine and look soothing in my big day. So, this particular dress passed for me if I want a little bit of fun and twist.

The embroidered burgundy & white flowers added glam to this dress. I love the upper part because it has generous appliques being sewn. The more appliques, the more the piece looks beautiful. Agree?

If ever I will have a chance to get wed in the church again (of course, with the same man), I will choose Vintage Style Wedding Dresses. The classic and simplicity appeals to me that much. Find more here >>

This wedding dress screams sexy appeal the bride could ever wish in her big day. The spaghetti strap top and the high-slit bottom rocks it but in a classy way. Less is more as they say. 

The bow-tie toned down the full-backless design. Oh what a bow-tie can do!

I love sweetheart cut designs but my lack on the chest department makes me halt and rethink about it. But if the gown with sweetheart cut is beautifully designed with a mesh with full of details such as beads, swarovski and pearls; I think it's an exception just like this one. What do you think?

I love it's back design because the cut with mesh top is not too low. Just perfect for a sexy back but in a subtle way. I personally choose this over the rest of my favorite picks. 



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