Monday, December 29, 2014

Hooded Sweatshirts Sale at SHEIN

Hello lovelies! Allow me to greet you Merry Christmas! I know, I know.. It's a little bit late but I apologize for the lack of updates here in my blog. I did updates on my Instagram account though. Well, like most of you lovelies, this holiday season kept me busy also. Speaking of, where did you spent your Christmas? If you'll ask about me, I spent my Christmas with my family in Baguio City. Ohhh.. It was one of the best holidays I had because it was our first Christmas in Baguio and it was so memorable. We enjoyed this holiday so much and the weather was so good. It's so cold even at daytime where the sun is at its perpendicular. It was just amazing. I will share the outfits I pulled on the blog soon but don't expect a single entry post per outfit because we failed to do so since our camera wasn't available. Guess what? I am coming back to Baguio by 3rd week of January and I will make sure to document enough shots for a decent entry outfit post. 

And since I'm coming back to the City of Pines soon, that means that I will be looking for sweaters online that might be possible to arrive before the date of heading up north. They say the weather by January and February will be a lot colder. So, I better prepare than sorry. I am looking at these sweaters SHEIN has in store for us.

Hooded Sweatshirts Sale!
Sweatshirts Want To Be Your Sweetheart!
Extra US$5 OVER US$48!
Extra US$15 OVER US$98!



  1. the hoodies are so nice
    keep in touch

  2. Love em!


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