Thursday, December 11, 2014

I go for Simple Yet Classic Wedding Dresses

Hello lovelies! Have you seen the photos of JC & Bianca's nuptial in Palawan? Sigh. Raise your hand if you agree that simplicity is really a beauty. I love the idea of a wedding with no frills. Period. The bride chose a bridal gown from the rack. Yes, you read it right. Of course, there's minor alterations to make the dress fit her like a globe. I know celebrities are very busy with their schedules and I totally understand if the bride chose RTW (ready-to-wear) wedding gown. Honestly, I love Bianca's wedding gown - simple yet classic. I found some similar wedding dresses when I searched for 2015 Wedding Dresses. Go here >> 

What do you think of the above gowns? Though it is not most exact design as Bianca's but I think it is very similar, right? Beads, sequins and pearls are magic. It makes a gown stand-out no matter what the design or style is. Also the mesh design gives an instant sultry look. The adornments created a lace-effect. Agree?

I know that some who get wed answers the costs of all the bridesmaid expenses and some who take their sisters or friends pay their own. Some would freely chose what design and style they wanted as long as they follow the color motif. I would understand if some will choose Designer Bridesmaid Dresses. Of course, it's big day for your friend or sister, you wouldn't like to look at your worst, will you? They can always check out designer clothes for bridesmaid anytime with just one click just like these photos below.

As soon as my eyes landed on these photos, I know what my bridesmaids would wear if ever I will have the chance to get wed again with the same (my husband). I love these gown's uniformity in style and design. The colors speaks subtlety. Don't you love it? For me, it is less eye sore. Agree?



  1. I love the first and second dress =) new post on my blog =)

  2. These dresses are so pretty !

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