Saturday, December 13, 2014

What Bridesmaid Dresses do you prefer?

In a wedding, aside from the most beautiful woman on that day who is the bride; it never fails me to get "wow-ed" by the beautiful bridesmaids. I mean, it really is quite a delight to see a group of ladies with the same color of gowns. Now, I want to let you know that if ever I will have the chance to get wed again with the same (my husband), I will see to it that my bridesmaids aside from wearing the same color, they should also have the same style and design of dresses. I love uniformity and I'll make it possible to make them not an eye sore in my big day. If you have been preparing for months for that wedding, you do not have anything else to ask but looking forward for the beautiful outcome. Agree?

To reiterate more about what I prefer for my bridesmaids, I like it simple. Less frills, less complications. It must be floor length since I will require for formal attires for my guests. Here are some photos I took from

Clearly these are the bridesmaid dresses that will speak exactly of what I like. If I say no frills, I mean it literally. Do you notice? These dresses are pleasing to my eyes. It is not an eye sore as I have mentioned. I just want a bouquet of flowers as their sweet accessory and oh, let's forget the small wrist purse, right? They should have the same design and style. Maybe you are finding me weird now but let me explain myself here briefly. Sometimes I dreamt myself as a queen. If on my wedding day this is likely possible, I will make my dream come true. Think of my bridesmaids as beautiful servants to a bride whom clearly acting like a queen. Aren't queen's servants wearing same style of dresses? That is what we call in these days a uniform. From the last time I saw an epic historical drama movie, they all are. 



  1. Those two dresses in the first picture are stunning! I would wear either of those :) Thanks for sharing!

    xo Azu

  2. Gorgeous dresses! That purple one is stunning.


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