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#TRAVEL: La Presa Experience

As promised, here is my travel diary to "La Presa". My Philippines-based readers would surely relate to this post because this particular post is all about my trip to the famous shooting location of a local TV series, FOREVER MORE starring Liza Soberano as "Agnes" and Enrique Gil as "Xander". For my international readers, I know this is not about fashion but I hope you'll spend a second or two to take a look at how beautiful this place is. By the way, Sitio La Presa is a fictional name created in FOREVER MORE. The real name of the Sitio is Sitio Pungayan in Tuba, Benguet Province. 

L-R: my sister, nephew, my Mom, me & my husband

I've read a few travel blogs that say the problem in going to La Presa is the traffic when you arrive there because of the roadside parking. So, we decided to leave from the house we rented as early as 5:45 a.m. and arrive at La Presa 6:10 a.m. We stayed at Scout Barrio along Loakan Road, so we took Military Cut-off Road going to the Marcos Highway. Keep an eye to the right and when you see the Petron gas station, stop right there because you'll get confuse on what road to take. There are two roads; the one is going down and the other one besides the police outpost is going up. Take the latter because that is the Sto. Tomas Road that will take you to La Presa.

By the way, you can hire a cab from Baguio going to La Presa with a Php350 charge for one-way only but then, you'll get a problem of hiring a cab to bring you back to Baguio. I heard that some cab drivers are charging Php1,000 for taking & sending you back to Baguio and that includes 1-hour waiting at La Presa. To be honest, an hour is not enough because your time will get over in just half-way. I suggest you negotiate with the cab driver to at least give you 2-hours. Moving on, the road going up is steep but our small car survived it. Good thing the road is concrete; it's quite narrow, though. When the steep drive was over, we stopped alongside and get awed by the impressively beautiful sight of Baguio. 

Baguio at 6:10 a.m.

We continued to drive down Sto.Tomas road. One last right turn and we saw a lot of private vehicles and cabs being parked along the road. It meant that there are other tourists that made it early there before us. We were able to park not too far from the small road that we hiked down to the house of "Agnes". It excites us much when the fog covered the surrounding and made it to zero visibility. We halted, slowed down and walked hand-by-hand. It is not every day that we got to experience it, so we took videos while walking and took tons of pictures. It was so cold. In fact, I got colds that night. 

It's a blockbuster. 

The hike going down to "Agnes" house was about 10 minutes. To have your photo taken with the famous signage, you have to fall in line and believe me, the queue was long. We waited about 20 minutes for our turn. As far as I can remember, most in the queue have a minimum of 5 person & up. Not to mention each of them has at least 2 cameras and each owned a smartphone. Lol! That's why La Presa is a blockbuster!

It's Mt. Cabuyao! We were waiting in line for our turn when the fog started to clear away and we got surprised by what has revealed. We never thought that behind the fog is a mountain. We were in awe while watching the mountain got cleared away of the fog. It was mesmerizing! Nature at its best! 

Photo was taken via iPhone 5.

Panoramic shot of  La Presa. I really miss that fog. Lol! 

At last, a photo op at the famous signage of "La Presa".

This is the house of "Agnes".

The bench where "Agnes" wait for "Xander".

You have to fall in line again to have a photo taken on that bench. Lol! You can also get inside the house and see the things of "Agnes" and her family that you have seen on the television. The time we finished taking pictures on that bench, the line to get inside the house was long again. I heard there's an entrance fee of Php20 but I'm not sure if that is per person or per group. We didn't get inside anymore and decided to just explore the outside of "Agnes" house. We got to see their pig which they named "Charmaine" and the geese, too. The blue drum was there, too, where they do their laundry and cleaning of their harvested crops. All of the things that you see in the series are all present there except the tent of "Xander". And oh, the car of "Xander" was there, too, but I wasn't able to take a photo. I got overwhelmed by the turn of event that morning. I even forgot to do a photo shoot of my outfit in La Presa but it was a good thing that happened because we got to explore more in the higher area of Mount Cabuyao where I did my photo shoot. See my outfit post here.

After exploring on the farther side, we started to head back to where most of the people are still busy in taking pictures. In fact, the people started to get more and more. I will let the pictures speak how people flocked at that famous signage.

Can you spot me?

The hike going up was tiring. Don't worry because there are lots of vendor selling foods and drinks. 

We did a quick side trip to the upper side of Mount Cabuyao. We wanted to see La Presa from above and we are also curious about what other views to see up there. We didn't regret driving up because as expected, the view was magnificent. I decided to have my outfit shoot done there because it's just us; no photo bomber at all.

That's the top of Mt. Cabuyao.

View of Lingayen Gulf, Pangasinan & La Union.

It is easy to spot "Agnes" house.

La Presa has been added as a must-visit place when you're in Baguio. It's been a tourist attraction now. The trip was more than worthy because aside from being there right at the shooting location; the view going to La Presa is beyond beautiful. I've never been to Sagada but I can say La Presa is like a mini-Sagada because of the terraces. We went to La Presa in a private vehicle and it was really a breeze but heading back down to the city was stressful. I thought we could never go down and get stuck in the same spot for hours. The causes of the traffic are the vehicles parked alongside the road. I think all the tourist who went to Baguio was all there at La Presa. I feel sad for the others that are going up at that time because they aren't moving up and they have no idea of the chaos waiting up there; the road is full of vehicles. We saw the line of vehicles going up was so long as we descend from the mountain but I know they'll get there. 



  1. Great post! thanks for sharing La Presa with us. I wanted to go to Baguio too this time of the year, I've seen in the news that it is about 10 degrees C up there. :)

    1. We experienced 11 degrees on our first night there. So cold! :)

  2. Oh, it looks stunning! I love your outfit and beautiful pictures! I'm so jealous of your travels... :)

    Cloudy Dreams

  3. The photos are beautiful! La Presa is such a wonderful place! I wish I could go back to Baguio soon!

    Janine | Lime & Life

    1. Thank you Janine! La Presa is beyond beautiful :)

  4. The place looks amazing

  5. Looks like fun
    Enjoy dear!
    New post now on blog, kindly check it out

  6. Very cool pictures, what an amazing experience!

  7. Wow, you've taken very nice pics :) I am following you via GFC, it would be nice if you followed me back :)

    1. Thank you dear! I followed you back, too. :)

  8. Wow, this views are amazing! I followed you back as Iwona ZajÄ…c via GFC (#1566) :) Keep in touch, dear :)

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