Friday, February 27, 2015

Awards Night Gorgeous Dresses from Promtimes

I am still in high of Oscars 2015. How about you? Who are your favorites among the best dressed? There are a lot of stunning women at that night. It is so hard to figure which one dressed best. They all looked so beautiful and gorgeous! But I managed to pinpoint which one appealed to me the most after a day had passed. My top 5 best dressed are Jennifer Lopez, Rosamund Pike, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, and Anna Faris. Their dresses stand-out from the sea of gorgeous women. Agree? I couldn't help myself but gush over and sigh again and again. It was a night beautiful dresses poured hard. Thank you for the Oscars! All the dresses are inspiring, that's why I can't help myself again not to click for some similar gowns online. I have found some in and believe me, it's a haven of dresses!

The first and the last photo are the similar of the Rosamund Pike dress. I really love it red hue and it was also perfect for Rosamund to wear that because that clearly is her character in the movie "Gone Girl"; amazing Amy and she's bad! The second and the third photo is a combination of Jennifer Lopez dress. J.Lo's dress was a really skin tone mesh with applique designs. Now, take those stones & crystals from the third photo, then put it on the second and voila! You'll get a style and dress close and very similar to J.Lo. Agree? The fourth photo is a standard design or shall I call it the common one-shoulder sleeveless dress that I've seen from the others but of course, with different cuts and hues. So if you are looking for Oscars inspired dresses, you can always check Prom Dresses 2015 for more style and designs. 


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  1. Beautiful dresses!


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