Friday, February 6, 2015

Feel Beautiful and Look Royal

Obviously, I am not blessed with curvaceous body especially in the chest department. I am flat-chested and I admit that this is the number one in the list of my flaws. When I was in high school, I feel really inferior and I didn't have even a bit of self-confidence. I don't feel beautiful in any ways. I was so skinny and dark-skinned. That's why, I said to myself before: "I want to be in my 20's like right now". I had this belief before that because I was so young, thus, my hasn't developed yet. And that if I was in the right age in 20's, my body would change a lot and I will have a sexy body; a big boobs, big butt and thin waistline. Guess I was so wrong. Haha! 

When I reached college, my perception of having a sexy body changed suddenly. It was because I had my first boyfriend when I was in my sophomore year. I realized that when a man falls in love with a girl, the looks don't matter at all because you are beautiful and perfect in a man's eye. But of course, some girls never get satisfied with their looks. We need to get showered with compliments to boost our self-confidence. And with that, we really put efforts to look our best from hairstyle, make-up and outfit especially during the Prom. If I could just turn back time, I would certainly shop for evening dresses online like these affordable evening of Ihomecoming

The evening dresses nowadays are really beautiful. There are less non-appealing pieces but more of it can take my breath away. I really have a thing for this kind of occasion dress because I feel royal every time I wear one. I know this sounds exaggerated but I only got to feel royal when I get invited to such events that require a gown. Can you blame me?

At this time where every thing you want to find can be just a click away, the effort to look beautiful won't require so much time. I mean, you do not have to do a physical browsing on dresses on the store but you can choose dresses on your most convenient time anywhere as long as you have internet access. I must add, too, that you can always find inexpensive evening dresses at



  1. I know the feeling of wanting to get older and have an amazing body aha!
    The dresses are gorgeous


  2. Great selection!

  3. the dresses are just gorgeous
    Keep in touch

  4. We didn't know this web, thanks!


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