Saturday, May 23, 2015

Infinite Styles with this Bridal Party Dress from Cocomelody

I remember in the past two years that I've always been asked as primary sponsor by my previous staffs from the company that I used to work with and also as bridesmaid by my closest friends. No, I am not old as you try to imagine but it's just that, when your position is superior than them, they usually look up to you. Make sense? Like in a year, I was asked three times. Then, for this year's first quarter, I was also asked once. And guess what? The color motif was the same hue from the previous year's wedding I have attended. That's why, an idea came to my mind to find a formal/ long dress which can be worn in different styles. Nowadays, practicality comes to me first especially when I have priorities to be placed first in the line. I stumbled upon COCOMELODY website when I was searching for a practical dress which I can wear as many times as I want without a doubt of wearing the same piece on the eyes of the others. Take a look at this dress and I am telling you now, you can style this in infinite ways! So, if you are searching for bridesmaid dresses under $100, then I can say your search is over now!

Can you believe that this A-line chiffon multiple styles convertible party bridal bridesmaid dress can be worn in 10-ways? Yes, you read it right, lovelies. Sounds interesting eh? I can say I already found a piece of a dress that I can wear in most stylish ways. I just have to change my accessories such as purse and jewelries according to the style I'll be creating. What do you think? Here's my favorite styles:


What's more of this dress can offer is that you can select your favorite colors from the 36 available hues! And not only that, you might want to see a shorter version of this dress, then just go here.



  1. the dress is so pretty
    Happy Weekend

  2. Gorgeous dresses!

    Please click the link on my post


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