Friday, June 12, 2015

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Hello lovelies! This week have brought a lot of leg work and stress to me. I don't want to elaborate more about it because I really do not want to rant and complain. Also I don't want you reading some negativity in my blog especially that I've been in hiatus and just returned now. Let me tell about my upcoming beach trip very, very soon. Yay! After a long wait, I can finally touch the fine sand in my toes, taste and feel the salt water on my skin and of course, get tan lines. But before that, I have to make sure that my beach essentials are complete especially cheap swimwear which I now currently craving from


Another beach essential are dresses and I am talking about, for example, these summer dresses online which I'm sure will make you say you'll be needing more of it no matter what. You can always visit >> to check more selection of dresses, may it be for summer or casual days.




  1. Great selection!

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  2. lovely stuffs
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  3. aww i love the bikinis!

  4. BEautiful selection, I love everything!


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